Team Building Help I need it!

Hey guys I could use some team building help, I’m trying to make a solid pvp and pve team after getting some new legendanries and can’t find the right strategy. I also have auroradragon (reincarnation one) not in the pictures. Thank you in advance !
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For PvE you could try Soul Stealer, Auro, Midas Turn Turn and another holy (ideally with Stun absorb).
Valza 5th.

Use sleep first and again if you need to and then Death sentence all.

It might work in PvP but there’s a lot of poison and Cobra in the FL atm. You could also just go Soul stealer, ultima dragon, chronozeros and Midas.

Can’t go wrong with Aurodragon and Death Revenge :muscle:

I honestly hope that @Dev_VKC won’t nerf this noble strategy any further but I have a feeling theendofgaryoak might be coming sooner than we think :wink:

In all seriousness, feel free to PM me for advice

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Also, for an easy good PvP frontline, get the starting monsters. Then have

Rexkong for Throw
Zephrox or Stun absorb.

That should deal with most things.

Could you please help me with building Pve team?

First win a shokugeki :upside_down_face::ghost:

I’ll try my best