Taunt vs Auto protect


After the recent update , I’ve noticed auto protects are useless. I bypass auto protects 8/10 times . BUT taunt and solo taunt are just too op now. They work exactly like protect teammates , well almost.

Taunt is broken af!! Has anyone else noticed that ?
@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

I failed to kill an auto protector with dragulus cos of taunt 3 times in a row. Same thing happened against frozgant other day ! Like really ?

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I think to talk in general you need more data for your statistic. Or the devs reveal the chance of blocking or if it works like protect mates



Really? Taunt is useless af like it failed 9/10 times in my case

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So taunt is 50% and auto protect is 60% success rate (apparently). I honestly find taunt is more likely to take the hit though, seeming more like 80%, while autoprotect seems more like 50% the majority of the time. There are times it can fail constantly and work 100% of the time but I think the difference is consistency. Taunt is consistently successful while ap normally just fails. Unless it’s croc. Croc is a babe

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“Devs please fix my confirmation bias.”

Do some statsitical analysis first, then come with numbers.



I honestly want to do some auto protect analytics. See how it comes out. Taunt may be harder



Croc is the only ap I have that I trust. He seems to almost know when it’s crunch time and will take a hit for you. The others sorta just laugh and let the carnage happen. Unless they’re in the other team. Sloth is a pain too I’ve noticed. Might as well be ap+



Has this been confirmed @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

I keep having 3 Autoprotects bypassed in my troll team to kill my only offensive monster.



In retrospect its never a bad idea to have the devs run through it to make sure. It has happened on numerous occasions that aspects of the game havnt worked as intended, especially after big updates. I do agree that shouldnt make claims just cause you feel its against you but rather through constant and consistent testing.



Tbh a change so having 2+ protectors making no difference to having just one could be a good idea for the game. 60% chance is still decent and if you have two protectors then when one goes down you still have that 60% chance. However, that would mean multiple auto protectors don’t make it so ridiculous trying to hit that sweeper. People could still use a mix of auto-protect and protect teammates/focus to stop the opponent nicely.



I just did SCB and stacked all my APs. 12:2 block to bypass. Seems like its working I guess.



The settings of pvp and pve are different, which have been confirmed by devs. E.g speed of untrained monsters.

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Oh guys… This is not about auto protect. I feel taunt is on par with auto protect… actually it’s more reliable than auto protect… Taunt should block 1 attack max imo

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Maybe it’s me but taunt blocks 2 every 5-6 atacks max…auto protect its more reliable



For me taunt is like 8/10 attacks while autoprotect is like 4/10. Unless it’s croc or sloth. Sloth is like 9/10 and croc is weird. He seems to know when the block is crucial. And he’ll take the hit For ya :kissing_heart:

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Bravo. I replace my two APs in fl by one Taunt and one AP on fifth, then my rival kills my six monsters in a row while keeping these two brilliant friends untouched.

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