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Hey @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD ,

Currently Meta is turning into 4 protectors + a sweeper in Frontline. There is already enough RNG involved in way too many things . This protector spam is actually becoming a nuisance . So my suggestion is to bring certainty for attacks made on protectors. Make so that attacks made on a protector is not blocked by another protector under any circumstances. This will make strategy making more interesting . Right now , it’s honestly about how lucky one can get with blocks !

Also Auto protect , protect teammates and auto protect+ be treated same in terms of not blocking any attack on another protect !

PS : If you see this as a befitting case for next update , do add it alongside upcoming oni fix !

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: shadow, kami, cyclo, dragulus, ankou, tridrakhan, dolphoenix, avia, jawshank…should I keep going?

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Now imagine 3 APs + Dusci

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This meta has already existed for quite a while and its not really considered a broken one in any way, really due to the extensive amount of counters.


I’m not sure about this one professor. The uncertainty is part of the fun. I love having my opponent in two minds. But it could be a good idea :thinking: I guess I can live with this change if protectors of equal protection rates don’t block other protectors of the same class.

One thing I’m sure about is that Auto+ & protect moves should never be treated as equal to Auto protect under any circumstances. That will somewhat defeat the purpose of the 100% protection they offer. So I disagree with auto+ ect not blocking an attack on a regular auto-protector.

Also if somebody uses 3 protectors and 1 sweeper they are taking a big risk. If the sweeper dies they will have a hard time.

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I mention this awhile ago and ppl thought i was tripping. I agree with u. I feel like whatever protector i wanna kill i should be able to attack it. Unless it’s auto protect plus. Or unless your opponent active the protect skill


Its called make dragulus more accessible. Simple as that.


No… I’m completely new to this game. can u name some more so I can diverse my knowledge about those cool monsters …

Shadow and cyclo are the only monsters worth the slot in your list imo


Jaws is worth it.


I don’t know . There are costly mythics and better new legendaries that can take it’s spot.


Anti protector stuff? Didn’t you just say that cyclo and shadow on that list were the worthy ones?


Are we going to list the counters for every suggestion lol ? It’s not like I don’t know about the counters.

But this feature is very nice in evertale and brings in so much more potential for actual strategy making. So I thought it would be nice for neo to have it as well.


When there are stag, elephant and sloth together let’s say , I should be allowed to kill any protector I want .
I’ll use my shadowwyrm , kami , cyclo , jaws, dolphoenix ( camo stun absorbers cough ) , ankou , tridra ( O.o ) , dragulus , Avia (haha) to kill stag first cos I know stag is the most annoying among them.
But with RNG involved , anything can happen even after using the above-mentioned mons…

Same goes for the case of drako and aegis. Drako blocks Chrono killer on awgis when u don’t have TK.

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Neo Community,

I apologize for inventing this strategy for a tournament against @Mr.X

I agree with this change.



Nah they won’t. Anyone understanding that problem would put in another fine sweeper before next wall of protectors arrive…


I’ve done it to others…they end up with 4 protectors. Can’t always control when the sweeper gets killed.


Evertale has this system where having 2 auto protect , you can choose which auto protect to kill,
Meanwhile in neo there is 100% RNG factor. Having a clear system will be great thou


What annoys me is the uncertainty of killing just one protector. For example when I use shadow/ Kami protect killer a Stag Or Drako etc sometimes die/ get brought to HG and sometimes they don’t.

It’s really hard to make calculated decisions with this kind of inconsistency. I know there’s RNG somewhere but can we do something about it as it’s so frustrating.

I know tanks mons like Sloth should survive and that’s fine because I know where I am with it. But maybe a slight buff to protect killer’s damage would help. Especially with the meta of 4 protectors. I agree with Oak. It’s very boring to play against

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Shadowyrms Instant protector Killer nearly always brings Drako to Hg, normal protector Killer nearly never


If ever they decide to bring special rules again for PvP.

No protectors allowed.

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