Auto Protect rework

Hi guys,

I was discussing with @ItsSherlock about some interesting topics about game balance and the discussion came down to AP (Auto Protect).

My idea is to rework them in:

AP+: 100% chance of blocking attack.
AP: 60% chance of blocking attack.
AP-: 60% chance of blocking attack but stop being AP if another AP is on the field.

The concept is this, AP- cannot be spammed together with any other AP, and the balance will benefit from this.

What are your thoughts?

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I think its a very interesting concept that’s worth being discussed here. Recently we have been seeing a Rise of Pusi again which comes along with a lot of AP Spam. Since AP- would only affect the AP negatively if its spammed together with other APs that’s actually a very interesting concept

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It’s like “Protect solo” or how the chads are until they face someone with bigger muscles


I think that’s unnecessary. Just make APs not redirect moves directed at other APs and AP+/protect focus/ protect teammates not block moves directed at other guaranteed protectors.


I think losing their protect altogether seems a bit too much. They’d need an aggressive moveset or something otherwise the risk of becoming dead weight is great.

I reckon it would be better to have their chance of protecting halve if there is a friendly protector on the battlefield… or something along those lines.

P.S. Protect chance is 66.7%, not 60%

P.P.S. Duck’s change is also something that I think makes a lot of sense and will have a greater impact on facing multiple protectors.

Thats something the community has been demanding since years and it’s obviously not possible or not wanted. So while this is the A+ solution we should move on as it will never happen

AP- would be for monsters like shieldragon for example.

Mistletorment: AP
Geocosma: AP-
Arboribratus: AP
Megaiasloth: AP-
Sanctistag: AP-
Aegisdragon: AP+
Shiny Gearcrock: AP-
Shieldragon: AP-
As Guardian: Bond AP+
FD Salvia: AP
Saberzor: AP
Titanomoth: AP-
Lordsreign: AP-
Gearcrock: AP
Goldirel/Armadafish/Nimboss/Moltgant/Sandalot/Metallodimus AP-
Romanoid AP
Musashoid AP-
Sherlroid AP
Houdinoid AP
Spookoid: AP-
Bomboid: AP-
Meatoid: AP-
Diamondoid: AP+
Goldoid AP
Alluminoid: AP
Bronzoid: AP
Rockoid: AP

How would you modify this list?

My thoughts on the matter are all of this effort could be focused towards stun entrance instead :joy::joy::partying_face:

As you were.


yes and lunactia can completely lock you out without needing to focus on the team, not to mention how broken that would be skell🤣

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While theyre at it let ankou dragon reincarnate next in your reinforcements.

Rock lock is too easy. Give rockoids “Crumble”, a 200sec auto death sentence passive.

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Better yet, polymerization! turn 2 rocks into the rockoid


That would be so OP :joy::joy:

Yes, and I know you love this idea :joy:

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There’s always endgame rocks though. It would be too OP lol

Would be easy to create 2 types of rocks, the ones summoned by you (current rockoids) and the ones summoned by the enemy (shiny rockoid) :eyes:

Why not ? i see it as a necessary , and a lot of us do

It was just a joke dude @kabylian

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You sure :thinking:, because i know stealth needs Ap to work :joy:

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