Why most attacks doesn't hit Meatoid?

Is anyone else having trouble with Meatoid not being protective most of time? Even rockoid have way better performance when it comes to protection

Probably u r fighting vegetarian players most of the time. Kek


Nah from the times I’ve encountered him he seems to work just fine. You’re maybe on an unlucky streak? I’ve seen auto protectors swing both ways. Once my croc took 5 hits in a row, with 4 risky heals in a row, but there’s times I’ve had multiple ap do nothing multiple times

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Lol, the rise of the vegan cult is very annoying for the rest of us.

@DMG_Bad_Sector Mine has been working perfectly fine


My meatoid is fine when I use it in PvE. Just tried that after I saw your thread.
It maybe your badluck today

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