suggestion: please shorten turn times....

is it possible to shorten time limits per turn? its become common place for sore losers to now just wait out the clock and annoy players, taking the entire time limit each turn before making a move, just to annoy the player then disconnecting at the last point from loss.

ugh, please shorten the time limits per turn or enable some sort of diminishing time per turn please, so that matches can move along nicely,


I think the diminishing time is a great idea because if someone continuously makes you wait thirty seconds it does get bothersome.

yep, I also think 30 seconds is a bit much, I’ve noticed that most players can decide on a move within 10 seconds if not right away. Maybe 15 seconds if its a tough choice i.e. stun users. 

I think its good enough to keep it at 30 sec , iknow its annoying but u need to think of a good strategy in 30 secs

If it is shortened it shouldn’t be by too much, sometimes it is annoying to wait 30 seconds multiple times in a row, but if someone has a unique strategy they do have to come up with a good counter on the spot which will take time as @Jeannette said, but also if the connection is bad then if it was too short of a time they lose their turn due to poor connection.

I misunderstood this at first, but anyway… I think there should be a “skip turns” button as well. Because when you fail to kill an arkiadon, you have to wait as (single player) the arks take a heck a long time, especially if your guys are stunned.

But back on topic. I think it should remain at 30 seconds.

I’m pretty sure there’s already a “skip turn” button.

As for cutting the wait time, I think 15 seconds sounds great if they decide to lower it. Perhaps 20.

20 is good enough 15 would be too low

I think 20 seconds should be plenty. I also think the chance of a bonus action should decrease after 10 seconds. That will encourage players to go faster.

Really needs shortened i had a guy from the start to the end wait 29 seconds before moving in hope i would rage quit. Took me nearly ten minutes to win :confused:

Dont blame the opponent ! It could always be the online connection between both players that is lacking

New players may need the extra time. By the time you are a master level player, you should never need more than 10-15 seconds to make a move. I think the time should depend on the pvp level with a higher chance of a bonus if you are faster. I have quit battles where the opponent strategy is to wait almost 30 seconds between moves. There needs to be something to discourage the waiting tactic to annoy your opponent. With 30 total cards (15 for each player), if each card has an average of two turns, an pvp battle could last 30 minutes.

I think it is a good idea to shorten turn times as the player moves up the ladder. So rookies can start at 30 seconds, but by the time we get to master the turn times should be shorter, 15-20 seconds. Master players should not need a long time to choose an action. Shortening turn times also introduces a new challenge and skill for the players in upper tier levels. Thinking fast and making quick decisions can be a new element to the gameplay at higher tiers.

I agree with both of these. :>