Devs please fix the timer!!!!!!!!!

So here I am in a game against Dont89, all I have to do is poison chomp the leo, take a hit from Malware and then bane can end it. What happens? The timer skips with around 10 seconds to go. This is beyond frustrating. Please fix this Devs!

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10 seconds is a lot. I question that tbh. Never experienced that huge delay in any pvp. Maximum for me was 5 seconds but only because I had really bad mobile data internet

Roughly 10 secs when I glanced at it. Maybe it was less but I definitely had time left.

How about when we get a time-out like that instead of skipping the monster it gives us a message “click here to show you’re active” which appears for 5 seconds? Clicking that resets the timer to 10 seconds. Not clicking that button, or failure to take a turn in that 10 seconds afterwards puts the monster back as it normally does.

And where is the punishment in using almost all your time 50 times in a row? Some people love taking full 30 sec when theyre losing. Before the tomer was reduced by 5 sec each time you almost used all your time


Oh man I feel the pain as well. Some people even disconnect on purpose reconnect and skip the turn to show their anger about their loss. I will never understand why people don’t quit to save up time for both players
Against stun lock or sleep lock I can understand that, because it will take time to get their turn to surrender and people are closing the app.
Coming back to the timer issue:
Its indeed annoying @LemonSqueezy if you think you have still like 6 seconds and the timer just end. I guess everybody has experienced that at least a few times during season. Best way to avoid is play faster :sweat_smile:

Yeah I know bro, but there’s the odd occasion where you need some time to think, especially at critical times in the game :sob: all good though!

I always thought they just had slow thought process

They do fast moves until they see defeat and then become turtles

Or they suffered a stroke

Failed to get what caused that skip in your battle. Was that right after 400s bug as i can see your octopus was delayed to 280s?

Force skip skips behind last monster in the lineup. Cobra was stunned by mal and octo’s timer run out, meaning it skipped 1 sec behind cobra

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I can’t remember what happened before now. What’s the 400s bug?

When it is your turn, the game is stuck for unknown reason and then your current monster is stunned to 400sec even it could be leo or angelion.

That’s why i still dont get the problem of bane. If it were a forced skip, it should have been after octopus.

Bane didn’t skip. Only the octopus skipped and on the screenshot it’s the opponents malwing turn

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i get it now. Lemon mentioned 10 sec and i found bane was at 9 sec. I was thinking about what happened to bane.:joy:

Glad that’s cleared up, as I was so confused lol. It was probably a little less than 10 secs but that’s when I glanced at it. Either way i’m convinced I had time. Even if on this occasion I did take too long, the early skip is definitely a real bug and happens too often :man_shrugging:t2:

I faced a skip bug once that after I chose skip, my monster was moved after two of my rival’s monsters instead of one.