Move timer bug?

Sometimes in PvP I swear the move timer skips your turn too quickly. I feel like I have plenty of time left and it’s like Na mate. Has anyone else had this?


I have been told it skips your turn with around 4 seconds to go sometimes.

I have this friend who likes to intentionally let the timer run down when his opponent has one monster left, and he has noticed it happen frequently.

Again my friend told me this.

Its true. I know for a fact the timer skipped my turn ALOT of times when i had 5 sec left. I looked at the timer while it skipped.

Has happened to me… But once or twice only maybe

I’m glad you guys are backing it because I thought I was losing my mind lol. Lost a game because of it :confused: Ah well. I’ll try and move before 5 seconds from now on

This happened again today but at 8 seconds. @Dev_VKC any chance someone can take a look?


This bug happened to me thrice… at crucial moments whch costed my wins… But surprisingly at 3rd time, it happened at 10 seconds left…

Please fix it !!

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