Suggestion for featured monster eggs

I think it would make more sense to have two separate eggs to hatch rather than one with two legends. When there are two legends and I have one of them, I will not hatch even if I want one of them for fear of dupes. For example on this one, I have stag but not timber. Instead of me buying 160 gems for timber I’ll be buying 0 because I have stag. Maybe this doesn’t make sense from the devs perspective for another reason I don’t understand, but to me, splitting the eggs is win win. More money for devs, less dupes for me.

Or even better allow the player to choose if he wants stag or timber… as sometimes some get lucky and hatch both, so it makes sense to include two featured legends. but allowing a person to choose would be the best option in my opinion.

Yeah I think you should spin then if you hit legend it either gives you a legend out the normal wheel or if you hit the special/festival pool you can chose which you get. The problem is with that I guess is if they put a good and bad mon in same egg everyone is guaranteed the good monster if they do 6 as no one would pick the bad mon

Yeah I like these ideas.
And maybe this should only work when a person rolls on the 6th pack. So if there is a guranteed legend I should choose which I want. So for example alucard rolls his 6th 10in1 he should choose whether he wants timber or stag.

While I do agree on that I actually rolled this week after having Sancti… I got Sancti on the first 10x roll this week and then got Timber on the 3rd 10x. It winds up boiling down to luck and that 6X in reality just gives you an extra chance. If it becomes more free to choose in the long run the game won’t probably make much money. In my opinion the game just needs to better reward for getting a duplicate in somehow giving a legendary potion over the auto +1 for example. :/ 

I think you are probably the minority in this. I think more people don’t roll when they have either of the featured for fear of dupes. There may be some like you willing to risk 600 gems on dupes but I think more people aren’t. All those people holding back on spending for risk of a dupe is money lost for the devs each egg. I’m not really sure how that would result in less money in the long run as you suggested.

Not everyone can even get 600 gems in general… if you give choice to it then you pretty much decrease the efficiency of F2P in some regards as well. The rates of getting featured units is increased a good amount in some events. Also I think their was a time not too long ago when units weren’t even guaranteed on the 6X. Chance should for the most part continue to be part of it in my opinion, but that is me. I would only support this if F2P had a way to catch up, but imo this just doesn’t seem logical to give further choice. The units will be featured in a future event for certain so giving more choice than what is allotted with increased rates and a guaranteed chance on the 6th is asking a bit much. Asking for more just feels greedy and unfair to F2P even moreso. Be thankful you have limited units that I’m sure others want and that you have this luxury of a complaint. XD Better events are coming soon anyways… 2nd Anniversary. I’m also fairly new though and usually don’t have much to risk often with these and rate ups, but this is just my opinion. 

this game survives because people spend, this idea will bring in more money as the spenders will buy 12 packs if they can guarantee that they will get both featured, as for f2p they will always be at a disadvantage but that’s what happens in games with in app purchases

Eh. I won’t complain about this if it happens, but lowering gem prices/adding a monthly gem pack is where I’d be focused initially if I were them as that benefits everyone. So long as the rates of 6X and 10X are kept in these events I’ll be fine as I usually can get lucky before the 6X 10 is all I’m saying, not all the time, but usually. I’d want the suggestion of Wolf basically.


I spend nothing if I have one of the two. If I don’t have either I stop when I get one. If they implemented this change i would be way more likely to buy 12 packs to get both legends if I have neither. It’s not that new of a suggestion. There have been features where there was only one legend guaranteed at 6 packs. I know for sure penguinator was one.

Not judging what you guys spend your money on, but you are seriously thinking it’s a good idea spending £300 for 2 virtual monsters that will very likely become useless in a few months (if not less)?

Reducing the ridiculous prices is the only way that they will appeal to a broader audience.
They might get a few people spending a fortune and dominating the game but then the community will always be small because over 90% of people think that spending the equivalent of a PS4 with 5 games for a couple of monsters is insane.

Wouldn’t it be much better to lower the prices substantially and have a much bigger and more competitive community?

Oh absolutely, but we have to choose our battles. At least spending a fortune on something guarenteed and not on something you might get should sit better with most.

Translation for VKC:

From Alucard:
“If you split up the egg so that you get less dupes, I’ll pay you guys another $320 for two new legends”

From CCX23:

“Your prices absolutely suck. They hurt you at the same time as your players.”

From Lax:
“You guys eat because people have big wallets to throw money at you guys. If you give people more incentive to spend, then people will spend more. Guarantees make you more money then non-guarantees.”

From Me:
“I have a smaller wallet then everyone here. You guys have gotten $0 from me and almost all of the RAF clan because of this. Give the low spender a reason to spend.”

From wolfhunter:
“Let us buy more than a chance for something from you”.

Thank you for the “translation”.

To be honest, Alucard’s idea is quite interesting as well as other players’ feedbacks.

We will give them a try in the future for sure.

Apologize for being blunt. But I have talked to all the other devs about the current system and none of then even acknowledged.

Thank you for listening.

Waiting try in the future…

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