Tips in PVP

I’m at master league and keep fighting stun teams and tired of losing to them I don’t really have a strategy just brute force but any tips or team lineups will help
Current team and order
Dreadwolf D
Plasmorex D
Nilomoth B
Luxknight E
Shadowlance B
Necrodrake S
Gaiawyrm E
Coldheart S
Typhonwyrn E
Magmayrn D
Omegawyrn S
Arkwing S
Destructor S
Angelon D
Don Penguini S

Everyone in Masters is a stun team… WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW??? but on a serious note… look through the forums, I know there have been a few counter stun teams posted I just can’t remember all of them.

Ok thanks I’ll look around

Put an Ark with Guardian at the beginning. Put another Ark with knockback at ~4th place. Don’t hit the Arks with stun skin, kill the Arks with flash bomb immediately. If all are Arks with stun skin, just skip turn and wait for one of them to sacrifice (stun gift). This are the tips how I broke the stun combo and the opponent rage quited, LOL.