Officially found the cheapest PvPer ever...

Gremknight, Chopperbug, Raiohl, Thunderfox, Saphireon, Stegospike, Pegasion, Raijin, Charcalynx, Angelon, Destructor, Gremly, Omegawyrm…

That is as far into his lineup as I could get because after the initial 4-5 monsters, I was always stunned for over 400points. 

His lineup was Stegospike, Charcalynx and Angelon for the majority of my monsters. He would hasten all his monsters with Angelion and use Charcalynx to kill off one of my monsters at a time that joined into my available third slot when the previous monster would die from being hit by Characalynx. His Stegospike was an S rank so it continuously got bonus actions to which were used to even further stun my monsters from attacking. One of the matches my monsters were in the 700-900 TP range.

Stegospike needs to be altered, big time. His skill set when used with other sacrificial or death effect TP paralyzing monsters creates an extremely unfair advantage when also used in conjunction with a monster that can hasten the entire party. Even more so when the third monster in the line up becomes more powerful after every hit it deals…

Either fix Stegospike, or get rid of him. Op monster is OP.

The devs will do something to balance the game soon (hopefully next update)

Possible to beat.

I don’t think that anything requires nerfing, but whatever…

If you weaken stun, you weaken stasis…lol. Seriously, you guys will probably tell them to need all unique and powerful abilities.

There is a serious unbalance in Stegospike. But everyone has complained about him enough to get the point across

Stuns in general are fine when you’re prepared for them. My rule of thumb: effective stunner strategies will ALWAYS have them first in their line up, placing stuns mid way in a line up is shaky at best, unless they’re acting as a ‘Sweep counter’ (stopping a row of powerful Arkadion from constantly eating away at their lineup) in which case the strategy is DEFENSIVE

Ergo, hit them with a ‘brick wall’ front line. A row of two tanks and an Arkadion with Stun Skin will soak up damage whilst under the ‘infinite’ TU stance and the stun skin will help you gain ground. It’s a very safe strategy for any battle.

Where can I get stegospike? Is it an egg-only ark? I’ve got volcawolf pegasion rooknight and spinoflame but I haven’t seen stegospike in a gold egg before
And I guess this is Saphireons time to shine then :b

I think part of the problem is that we don’t yet have the tools released to deal effectively with stun-heavy compositions. Eventually it’ll balance out- for now, most people just don’t have anti-stun Arkadians. 

Also, that’s a semi-slow front line. You should have been able to kill off Chopper and Raiohl immediately, with faster/better Arks, then kill the Thunderfox as it comes in. Stun Bombing targets are always priority; none of them can survive single-target nukes.

i am quite sure i won this guy at least once today. the trick that work for me was scramble. once stego and charcalynx is taken apart he is quite easy to beat. he build his team entirely on this 1 combo (haste with stego and charcalynx)

scramble is key to take these people apart along with stun skin.

though i hate to say this without proof but having this kind of line up with all S ranked (even for egg only arks and gremly) is highly doubtful

Aside from the potential issues of Stegospike I’m not sure which is more cheap.  Using a valid stun strategy…or using a team full of OP nukes, tanks, and  healers.  

The beauty of this game IMO, is that there is no one single end all, be all strategy that can wipe everyone out.  As shown by other’s responses, for every strategy, there is a counter to it.  

I do not think this team is that overpowered. The main stragety of  this team relates heavily to stun and Charcalynx. And the beginning three guys are not able to use flash bomb. Then it is very easy, knockback the gremknight, fox will come, stun other foes and hunts only the fox. Then half of its stragety has been ruined.

Or you can use a scramble, a little risk but more easy way.

This team has a lack of power. Just a little trick. You need more experience to due with stun team!~~

@Tiberius - weakening stuns doesn’t call for weakening stasis. Stasis has the catch of blocking damage and the effect being removed upon damage being taken. Stuns don’t. You can still do damage with stuns without removing the effect.

I do think that this team is beatable rather easily. You’ll especially see that as future monsters get released.

It’s obviously beatable…but you can’t rearrange the order of your arks in the middle of a match…and who would want to customize their lineup that way for all matches? Not me.

My advice: If you have Puffoxin, put him in your lineup and hope for the best. I usually put Puff in @ 4th to last just to be safe that no Penguini lineup will wipe me out, but you could use this for stuns too. This way you can still have a lineup that you like, and also also have a preventative measure (Puff).

And it can be beaten with a haste+purify+guardian method too. I know. However, I meant that people would complain and want that removed as well. Miscommunication. XD

Point is, EVERY strategy can be beaten. So yeah…I don’t care what happens.

And at the above post…a good lineup works well against everything. It might not be unbeatable, but you will fare better.

stegospike will be adjusted in the next update. 

Well, I do this in my PvP battles (use Raijin and Stormfox and such) to stun for easy repeated attacks. It’s an actual strategy and I’ve been countered multiple times. You just have to be prepared.

I faced him a few times, but i will say i have beaten him atleast 1/3 times , as soon as i see the chopperbug i know that this bloke has a stegospike in there,