Stun.. no rebalance, Seriously OP , the end of PVP...

So far haven’t seen any posts about stun mechanics being rebalanced, just stego.

Stun is far too OP in this game, not just stego, Players just now permanently stun the entire game without stego, just load a bunch of 

stuns skins and scapegoat them every 3 arks and player is stunned the entire match. Also stun gift + bonus action equals permanent stun.

there is no stun resist anything, there is not enough anti stun, and its too easy and little strategy is required to have 1000w and 0 loss records

just by running a stun team.

there is no counter unless you run a stun team also.

it’s really not fun to play these teams at all. What is left of people in PVP are all running just permanent stun teams, no real strategy, just stun stun stun

and no turns for other player.

stun is dominating everything because  there is no valid counter and requires little to no strategy. stick a couple of stun arks in a poorly constructed team

and it will beat any non stun team that can be constructed in the game.

stun has no cap, an ark can be stunned as many times as player wants, everything is stackable and virtually all stun arks are 100% hit, stun arks outnumber any 

other ark in ability.

please tell me there will be a fix otherwise I really think PVP is over because its just not fun to play. 

I don’t really agree. I think stun is rather easy to deal with - I’m speaking from the perspective of having monsters that are currently unreleased, of course. But that goes to show that stun will not be much of an issue in the future.

Stasis, banish, endbringer, etc. are great upcoming abilities to deal with this.

so there is hope for PVP!

Well, old topic sorta, but this might interest you:

Stun is a pain, but saying u get to 1000 wins with stun team is easy? Maybe that’s too much of understatement… Everyone in master has chopper, raioh, gremknight, I still can win 90% of the time against them…

Strategy is important. Knockback, or know when to kill them…

are you running stun arks too? I think for the most part the only way to compete with a stun team is to use stun arks.

I never knockback stunners, you just end up getting permanently stunned at the end of the match. (knockback stunners = losing at the end of the match)

also since a lot of them have stun skin, taking out a stun skin ark is bad also, lose lose situation. 

PVP Masters at the moment has almost no participants anymore and the ones that do are stun teams, I think most non-stun players have abandoned PVP or have switched over

to stun just to keep up with the others.

I actually think veteran league is more fun to play because, stun teams are so strong they all end up in masters, so there are less stun teams in Veteran league.

At least in Veteran league there is a variety of teams. Though I’ve noticed veteran league is also lacking in players.

Depends what you mean by stun arks?

I do have stego, raioh & chopperbug as they are great support arks.

Gremknight & Minespider have stunskins too.

It’s all about strategy.

Bring knockbackers with you, attack them at the right time.

Yes those are stun arks.

WEll the fix is find strategy that best fit to fight these arks…

eg stego & charc + all the stunners are annoying, but some people still can manage to win…

They are great support arks, you should take them too. We dont just use them for their stunskins, raioh has stun gift & can haste & chopper can scramble which is a great move…

Im not sure how its even possible to permastun with stun skin. I mean… 120 TUs…really? And the ark has to die for it to work.

stun skin + regular stuns = makes for pretty high TU

Some people can pull this off and others can’t

I really have no idea

Well considering that most of the stronger stuns require that the user die (stun skin, flash bomb, stun gift) and other moves that stun and damage arent reliable enough to permastun since the stun is not guaranteed, unless you literally loaded your entire team with stun gifters (which I dont believe there are that many to completely fill an entire team with) I highly doubt you could permastun an entire team without the help of stegospike. In my hundreds of games in master league, not once have I ran into a stun team that could stun my team sky high without a stegospike (let alone actually running into one). I think the problem is that people think stun is op because they cant brute force through a stun team which I still see people do frequently even in master league. There are counters towards these teams but requires a little more finesse and thinking.

Totally agree with Lethalmilk. & all of these stun gifters / stun skinners & very weak anyway. OHKO to reijin & stormfox. Everything requires strategy instead of just blasting aoes.

Use guardian, stego is pretty much useless.

As soon as you see stun gifters - kill them first.

That only leaves kentucky, raioh & chopper. They can easilly be OHKOed & from my over 1000 public pvp wins, I’d say except stego & charc team, less than 10% people take 3 of these together…

Plus stun skin is one of the strategy to counter Bonus Actions. In master, too many people have all S rank arks & without stun skins, They can get up to 4 BA’s a turn & literally annihilated 3-6 of your arks (in the case of Omegawyrm or Frillzeon).

The only thing that should be fixed is after stun gift, if arks get BA, the stun shouldn’t stack.

I am aware of all these strategies against stun teams. I’ve played enough of them to know.

nearly all master pvp master run the same way.

shadowstalker, haste ark, chopper

scapegoat chopper, 

followed by barracadus and minespider,

run guardian on tank, boost minspider, launch minespider,

followed by scapegoat a stun skin ark, paired with a power ark like omegawyrm.

use omegawyrm to take out arks, rinse recycle repeat, when next stun skin ark follows up.

half opponents team is wiped out in first two turns. If stego shows up somewhere afterwards than stego permanently stuns rest of team.

nearly all pvp matches have resorted to this combo or some variation of it.

really really really not fun to keep playing this type of team over and over in masters.

What I can tell you is I don’t use the strategy you said. I don’t put guardian on my chopper unless stego is on enemy lineup or I need to turn the table or save certain ark.

& I have won/lost many battles where people don’t use this strategy too. What about this? Let’s do pvp swap, add my gc ID tajid73, when I get home we can play :slight_smile:

To counter stun, get some tanks. Also, as above have mentioned, it depends on when to kill the stun skinner, the timing has to be right.

But all honesty? I hate stun. Full stop.

Issint the whole idea of stuns to add strategy and variety into the game? The only other option is brute strength, which is basically who has the OM and eggs ark. Seems like the whole issue and strategy is revolved around scapegoat. That’s why you have knockback. Maybe stun resist should be introduced. This will make things more interesting. HOWEVER remember that there’s no such thing as permastun. Like said above, other than Stego you have to SACRIFICE AN ARK TO ACHIEVE IT. 

One more thing, you knockback stun skins to the end, theyre gonna be nearly useless. So stop whining that stuns are making the game boring just because you cannot get around the Shadowstalker team. If there’s a particular strategy which you think is annoying, theres always SCRAMBLE. You’re just one of those who whine because you try to brute your way through stun teams and fail. Stun teams are there TO COUNTER BRUTE TEAMS. 

I think many of the problems with stun will disapear when they limit the bonus actions.  Right now, if your team is stunned, the other player will proably get the next three turns.  You can recover unless those three turns result in alot of bonus actions.  Even Stego, isn’t so bad to handle unless he starts getting a couple of bonus actions (which happens often).  Right now, I hate minespider more than any other cards except the stego/charc combo.  Usually you might get one shot at it before it explodes.  Only a couple of arks in my lineup can kil a minespider with a single hit.

I got tired of losing to these stun teams, so I gave up and took out some 10-11 star arks and replaced them with raioh and kentucky.

I’m back to winning PVP matches again. 

i don’t like stun, but It’s necessary to keep up with pvp masters where it seems like everyone has stego, charca and minespider.

Don’t have any of those but I did have some low level stun arks like raioh and kentucky. What I’ve noticed is that It’s WAY easier to win

with just sticking in raioh and kentucky in my team even without minespider or stego. 

stun gift is ridiculous. 100 percent hit, stackable with bonus actions, stun gift turned out to be a serious game changer for my team.

Also even when stun skin hits for only 150 tu, its enough to stall for 1 turn, thats enough time for me to take out 2-3 arks on the opponents team.

Not too difficult to do since, masters pvp matches are majorally 1hit ko turns.

Vegitiger, Snowja, Bloodclaw, Octoneer, Scorpionix, Omegawyrm, and some unreleased powerhouses can take care of minespider in one hit. And there are SOOO many monsters that work with two hits.

Otherwise, you can just Knockback or Banish in order to make him useless, as detonating results in a loss for the one who exploded, iirc.

Stasis (Kamiwyrm, Ironheart, Cyberwyrm) might work as an effective counter if you are careful. It will give you time to take care of it, but if you mess up…you’re screwed.

So yeah, Minespider can be taken care of currently. And when more monsters are released, it will be even easier.

Stun? Well…Stego/Charc can be taken care of without stun…if you know how to deal with it, Stego/Charc is easy to beat. Normal stunners with Rai and Kent are easy to beat as well if you are good enough. The opposite is also true. An effective stunner can beat a powerhouse.

Point is…there’s no excuse necessary for anything. EVERYTHING can be beaten…quite easily, imo. It’s all about practice.