Not even fair...

Stegospike has an extremely OP stun…

I just got totally sweeped by a Stego, Halopard, Charc combo…absolutely nothing you can do. Even my stun skin didn’t help because I never got to attack. FIX THIS

Yeah, stego is very overpowered.

I believe this issue has already been stated. Just wait, I’m sure they’ll adress it. n.n

Yea there’s a handful of issues atm…None with in-game but only with the multiplayer. I don’t count the bonus actions that bosses receive as an issue for a few reasons. 

  1. I already beat the game haha

  2. Stun skin stops this occasionally

  3. It is one boss vs. 20+ arks, so I don’t mind him sweeping a few of my arks to even it up

this one is being worked on, theres a report about it on the bug section.