Geez...the stun teams are out & about tonight...

It’s amazing how many different people use the EXACT same lineup. Yuck

Haha! I was thinking the same thing! I just went through like 5 teams in a row of the same classic stun team that eventually leads to char/stego/grem… It was sad because I was having a lot of fun actually using strategy… Time to take a break from pvp tonight I guess… Sad ken is sad.

pretty annoying tough. Stegotops is way too OP, especially in S rank.

Uhhhhhh I think it’s stegospike not stegotops

Hes not even OP , stun just needs to get nerfed

i kinda fused subzeratops and stegospike, LOL
@OXAmbi: personally i think stunning effect houdnt be stackable, or have a maximum of TU loss i.e. 300

Though it’s hard…beating a stun team is fun.

I think increasing charca’s TU for bloodthirst & decreasing the amount of TUs stego can stun for would even it out a bit.

Wait, you mean to say the guy that I fought over five times in a row are different people?

Is this the intent of the game to just have stun locks win every game? Hopefully the devs will address it because it makes pvp completely unplayable.


Stego is getting nerfed so dont worry, but there are ways to beat stun teams currently.


Im glad that I cant pvp sometimes, It just doesnt work I can find anyone in master league but I can fight friends what is the weird thing.

On the other hand a stun team isn’t good if u have a team of stun skin arks, or u have to be first and hoping that ur opponent isnt paying attention.

Normally Im a brute strength guy and I dont rely on stun or something else not even on tactics haha I just use the attack that has most damage to enemy 

Yes has to be once u beat one guy 3 in a row there in a lower league , so the 4th and 5th battle is someone else

I didn’t beat them five times though haha. I won two battles and lost the others (I believe one battle was a glitch, so… I don’t know). :stuck_out_tongue: Could’ve been less or more than five, too… this is pretty much a long time ago.

I dont know about you guys but i love going against stun teams. Once you figure out a good strategy to take out the first couple of charcalynx/stego stun teams, going against the copycats to me is like free wins in the bag.

A downside to using a team that is overused.