Stun converter Bug

I was playing vs Raf star and he had his inferno in stealth as I saw this is a great opportunity to use nova stun as his inferno would not get a turn because he is in stealth and would also remove the stealth from inferno without giving it a turn to my surprise his inferno did get a turn and it removed the stealth.

As the description of stealth says he will be immune to skills that affect multi targets.

Lol, my inferno didn’t get turn otherwise i would kick you to Timbuktu.


it did get a turn and you my killed nova and wasn’t able to kill atra then you got kicked to Timbuktu.

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Cuz my interfo was about to get its turn and it has low health thats why i stealth it to save from nova atk…
Idk why i am even arguing this dunderhead… SMH

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Yaaay. We are all getting free trips to Timbuktu…


my nova had a second turn before your inferno but it got skipped. either way enjoy Timbuktu.

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You are one of the worst losers tbh @Mr.X I remember where you justify your few losses because of disconnects. Nobody is interested in why you have lost or how great you are. I have read your posts several times and it pisses me off that somebody acts that arrogant

To your bug report: I have faced a lot situations like that and my infernicon never got his turn when he was in stealth. I would be really surprised if situations are threated differently on your phone


Could you please clarify what did i say wrong.

Am only reporting a bug then raf star came and attacked me while he clearly doesnt remember the situation and i explained it. is it wrong for someone to defend himself ?

And here you are attacking me. While i had done nothing towards you.

And if you think i made this topic to justify a loss vs raf star no i have won the match, and am just reporting the bug, i didnt include this because it would be some sort of unnecessary brag.

And on my previous posts all i was posting was invisible monster bug.

Makes a clan, first rule “no bragging”

That was the most genius thing you ever did

Still mad cuz i left your clan.

Anyway this is getting off topic. Please stay on topic.

There’s a difference between leaving and being kicked for bragging 24/7. Had a good laugh when your clans first rule was “no bragging”

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I wasnt kicked and i got a invite back but refused to join as you were abusing mods power in line.

You can laugh all you want, but with my clan i never mistreated any of them nor bragged or used mods power to silent them.

I had great fun with them and i wish i can make the clan again but reality i dont have time for that kind of staff anymore.

Guys , Mr.X is just reporting a bug. Leave him be. If RAF star has a problem, he can talk for himself

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We definitely kicked you @Mr.X

@IamSu did the honors if I’m not mistaken :joy:

This thread has gottenn a bit to personal. I’m gonna kick you all to timbuktu. Or even worse:

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Waiting for his reason why he lost against me :smirk:

Please everyone stop attacking Mr.X for things completely unrelated to this thread. I am closing this because it has turned into a roasting session.