Fix This Bug

I was playing against AI in a normal Test team match and I was against a front that included Valzareign. I put him asleep and then I stunned them all. Valza passive activated but as he was asleep I expect him to go back to the timeline, but he didn’t. He hit my monsters. It is surely a bug as he was sleeping so please fix it

Thanks for the report. We will look into it.

Hey buddy,

What stun did you use? How did you sleep him? Are you sure that he wasn’t at the end of the sleep duration?

I think it was a stun from Ziberius’ passive using Hellfox’s Rebith. I slept him using Sanctistag’s sleep all and it wasn’t the end of sleep cuz after he attacked he was still sleeping

Thanks for the info. I’m testing this out now.

Wish the bug with motor not adding shells would hurry up and get fixed. Trying to cannibalize into motor is a wasted strategy seeing as if you cannibalize a death revenge you risk the chance of death revenge hitting the monster that motor targets to make his passive work. Seems a pointless way of making his passive work to me