Strategy Guide: Don Penguini


Hello everyone and welcome to my very first strategy guide! The game is still in early stages and the metagame hasn’t really shaped up yet, but I thought we might get things started. For those who don’t know, in the Pedia, you can see the initial stats of an Arkadion, also known as Base Stats. I will refer to these Base Stats when I analyze the strength of an Arkadion. So, let’s begin! We are going to analyze this Arkadion’s typing, stats and moves.

Don Penguini is the Mafia Penguin Arkadion, and it is an Air type. The Air type is good against the very popular Water types that run rampant throughout the game but are also weak against Earth, another very popular type. Don Penguini is an 8.5 star Arkadion which is pretty good, allowing it to have very good stats. As for the stats, it has:

HP: 68
Attack: 33
Magic: 22
Defense: 60
Resist: 60
Speed: 15

When taking a glance at these, the sheer bulk of this Arkadion seems to stand out, allowing it to take hits extremely well from both sides. Don Penguini has rather lacking offensive stats, giving it trouble while it deals damage. The speed sits at 15, which is average, making it outspeed a portion of the metagame. In a nutshell these stats give Don Penguini a lot to work with. And now we are going to take a look at the moves it gets, which are:

  • Chain Beak
  • Showdown
  • Charisma
  • Throw
  • Retreat
  • Volatile

Chain Beak will be your main form of damage hitting for a decent amount of damage with no negative stat effects while having the nice effect of hitting Arkadions with the same typing. Showdown is an incredibly situational move but once you ARE the only member left in your party, prepare do deal some massive damage. Throw is yet another situational move that also deals massive damage, but it costs you an Arkadion. Charisma is one of two passive skills and it’s incredibly useful because you start of the battle with better attacking stats. Retreat is a very good move in conjunction with Showdown because it sends you back to the end of the lineup and thus gives you a better chance to be the last living member of your party. The second passive skill, Volatile, is a horribly great move. What it does is that, when you die, massive damage is spread towards all enemies, likely KOing Arkadions that were close to death and leaving a serious dent on healthy Arkadions aswell. Now that we’ve done an analysis on this Arkadion, we are going to discuss 2 different strategies like I always do. Let’s begin.

Set 1: Attacker

Although we can’t modify anything on this Arkadion, we can play it different ways. This set takes advantage of every single one of its moves in a good way. Chain Beak is your main form of attacking and it’s good against members of the same type. This is the move you’re gonna be using on this set, and it works best with 2 supporting tanks around Don Penguini. It is reccomended to leave your weaker Arkadions in the back of your lineup to be sacrificed with Throw. When you’re about to die, use Retreat so you can go to the back of your lineup, and have a very big chance of Showdown to activate. Volatile is there to do one final wave of damage when you die and this set takes full advantage of that. Although Don Penguini has lacking attacking stats it has a lot of high-powered moves to remedy that.

Set 2: Offensive Tank

It is true that the allies of Penguini change the way it plays despite having the same stats and moves. In this set your allies will be an all-out offensive attacker and the other ally will be a dedicated 100% tank like Barricadus. It is recommended that your all-out offensive attacker is a Fire type to deal with those Earth types that would otherwise give Don Penguini trouble. Again, weak Arkadions in the back. The reason this set is effective is because of Charisma. Charisma gives your tank actually some decent punch and it gives your offensive Arkadion more power than it already has. In the end this set makes Don Penguini a half-tank-half-attacker Arkadion that can take hits and support its team in a great way.

Well, that’s my strategy guide on Don Penguini! I hope I helped, and thanks for reading! I hope you guys use this magnificent Arkadion in the future in your PvP teams.

Some nice things to think about.  How about the finishing strategies?  Setting him up to be the last guy in line to take full advantage of Showdown.

Have him myself and know how to use him well in pvp thanks for the help!

Nice guide.
Showdown is an amazing move if you can get it to activate before being hit as the last ark standing.
Charisma is also a very useful team move if you have some tanks ready to start dishing damage.
Long live the Don!


You’ve given me an idea Zoro.

I’ll converse with you about it sometime tomorrow, yes?

^ I didn’t read this post haha

Let’s discuss your idea whenever we’re both on chat :slight_smile: