Strategy Guide Homepage

This is gonna be a place where I store all the guides I’ve done for you to read and enjoy. Note that I will NOT do guides on really strong and popular Arkadions such as Omegawyrm because everyone knows how to use them.

  1. Don Penguini

Don Penguini is really strong and powerful haha, but still, reading over your guide, you nailed some ways that we can use Don to the best of his ability.

What are you thinking of doing next? Maybe… skullwraith?

That seems ideal, though I wanna do several other Arkadions at a time aswell. I think I’ll keep which Arkadion I’m doing next a surprise.

Alrighty, I ain’t complaining! Good luck Infer!

If i do guides too will you store it here?

How about a guide for Barricadus?

The second guide will be finished as soon as i finish my homework!