Arkadion Strategy Guides

Hey everyone! Back in Geomon i loved strategy. I always did strategy guides for the most underrated and overrated monsters. It was fun because many of my strategies actually became my thing and I battled people who used my sets and it felt great.

I understand though, Hunter Island is no Geomon. New strategies must be found, and the game is played differently. It’s three versus three. In Geomon you had 5 team members. In here you have 3x more. All Arkadions have the same stats and the same moves, unlike in Geomon. The metagame is very, very different. And that’s why I’m not gonna start marking my footsteps in PvP just yet.

I will start doing several strategy guides for each and each Arkadion that I find underused. Of course, I’m not gonna do that right now, I haven’t even beaten the game for goodness’ sake! To give you a taste of what I AM going to do, here’s a few guides I wrote for some Geomon monsters. Keep in mind I strategize about concepts completely different from HI because I wrote these when Geomon was still there.

Lexter Guide

[spoiler]Lexter is a very interesting esper that is just waiting to be used.

There are two great setups for Lexter that work, but the first one is the one I use.

Let’s take a look at this literal bookworm’s base stats:

ATK: 5 DEF: 5.5
ENR: 7 RES: 5.1
SPD: 5.5 LCK: 4.5

These base stats are not too exiting, but the good thing about Lexter is the typing and its Trees.

Lexter is the first and only Mind/Physical type esper, which is just awesome. The trinket that is to be used depends on the setup.

This trinket is pretty unusual, but here’s why we’re gonna use it in this setup. Lexter has 3 very good setups that can go either way. I will go through all of these three.


Lexter knows the Amnesia and Onslaught trees, two VERY awesome trees that can do a lot. Here is the setup that you want:



These are some of the best trees around, and many of you don’t know this one combo that makes Lexter stand out:

Amnesia + Feint

First off, we start with Amnesia. Your opponent will logically attack. With your Terminus trinket, they have a chance to stumble upon a 30% chance to dodge the attack. EVEN IF your Lexter follows up with a dodge, Feint will still do a painful amount of damage to your opponent. You have 3 EP, and all Feint costs is 1 EP, you’ll be able to do it enough for it to die.

You also have a 185 Attack with my trinket, and a reasonable amount of speed, so you’ll still hit hard, EVEN after all of your EP is gone. Try to save up for a last resort when you’re facing the next esper- Lunge.

We all know Lunge is one of the best abilities in the game, since it gives you around a 98% to go first.

When you have 5 EP, but DONT want to use Amnesia for any certain situation, you can always use frenzy followed up with Lunge for maximum damage.

Lexter, on the other hand, can be destroyed with Pongo especially. It has enough counters to make it an exceptionally good and defeatable esper.

• More annoying and harder to beat
• More type coverage.

• Cannot do much damage in a short amount of time, takes longer to be a difference-maker.

Tear through Everything

We already discussed how Lexter can be extremely annoying with stuff like Amnesia and Feint.

This setup is about the opposite, and here’s how and why.



This set up is 100% offensive. You do the usual routine- Finish off a slower esper with Onslaught and follow up with Frenzy. Then TEAR THROUGH EVERYTHING!

You have a guaranteed % of 245 attack, and a 30% of making it 275.

These are off the charts, and OHKOs could be possible depending on your situation.

There are counters to this as well, but the main thing is rival Physical espers and Kits, but it can definately aid you more than the first one if you want to do a lot in a short amount of time.


Another totally different setup.

This one focuses on making Lexter capable of taking more hits while still dealing a reasonable amount of damage from the offensive sides.

Iron Will
Dream Read


This setup is very easy and fun to use if you want to last a lot.

Although there’s not much to do, you can still annoy your opponents with Amnesia + Feint. What this is centered on is making use of your 190ish Defense and your 185ish ENR. It still can annoy opponents and still can defend and hit hard.[/spoiler]

Taurus Guide

[spoiler]Taurus is an esper that has the potential to be the new Golem. With an amazing 192~ defense and 171~ resistance, it is considered a tank.

First off, Taurus can do just so much. It can stun, tank, and beat everything up.

The trinket that I use is:

22 Defense/15 Resistance/15 Attack

You could try a Rockhard trink but i don’t think that’ll work.

Average HP stats (w/trink)
160 ATK 190 DEF
160 ENR 170 RES
150 SPD 155 LCK

Correct Trees
Gamma Ray
Stone Heart
Rock Salt

Lets get started with this guide. With the right setup, Taurus has the potential to stun the opponent with EMP, and follow it with Quicksand.

Those 2 Combo moves are EXTREMELY deadly. The esper is stunned so it cannot do anything, so you use Quicksand. The opponent now has 70ish speed, and you have Flux. So the chances of dodging every turn are around 40%.

EVEN if you don’t get the dodge- the opponent remains stunned, since you are obviously slower (Hard to be slower than Taurus) you get one more free turn. At this point, take advantage of your 175ish attack and the -10 defense you gave the opponent with your Quicksand. Depending on your matchup, you’re gonna give around 150.

Note that at this point you have only suffered one hit. With your 213 defense and 186 resistance, it has to be around 80-100. If you landed the Entangled hit, you’ll go first when your opponent snaps out.

He’s still Entangled!

Now, he has a 50% chance to land a hit that will actually do around 80 damage.

At this point you can keep on attacking until he’s dead. Try to save up another EMP.

At this point your opponent’s gonna take about half of your HP away. Since you don’t have much to do just keep on attacking and attacking. Cripple your opponent as much as you can for an esper like Pegasus or Hamakua to finish it off.

An alternative can be done if you try Earthquake and Short Circuit. Anyone can experiment but this is the most effective.[/spoiler]