Showdown/ Penguini?

Can’t stand playing against decks just designed to stun and sacrifice then get to Don Penguini to use Showdown 5 times and kill my whole line up… How you prevent? I know theres knock back, but I don’t get how he gets to use it over and over again, whenever I use it, any monsters that drop in all get to go ahead of my Don… Whats the deal there?

Get faster Arkadions and have all 3 target Don. Knockback is a very good solution, i don’t know why you disregarded it. And you can use Don yourself, too. Fight fire with fire. I have a strategy guide in my signature on it if you want to know EXACTLY how it works. :slight_smile:

One skill can screw him

A cretain arkadion and his evolution can definetely screw him

Any help on a strategy for defeating Penguini safely?

Put a stun skin somewhere in the back of your line up like 3-4 last followed up by pretty strong ark that can take him down in 1 cycle (all of your ark move kill him) or welcome him with your own showdown set up

That’s if you can afford wasting 3-4 of your monster slots. For don penguini I just put all the monsters with high speed at the back as don penguini needs a 100 TU break( unless he has multiple bonus actions, which has occurred to me many times). Put high speed monsters at the front too so that your opponent doesn’t kill of your monsters too quickly

A decent don penguini line up ALWAYS add a haste ark before sacrificing himself to boost penguini speed, if you face them, your fast ark is pointless because don penguini will just loop with 62 Tu showdown

Hence vs don penguini, your saving grace still stun skin

Really? I dun think so cos I once faced an opponent who used haste too it didn’t stop my destructor from attacking him before his 62 TU went up. And I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but haste doesn’t seem to be working sometimes. That being said, that 62 TU didn’t loop my don penguini either, I don’t think it’s that fast a move. The only way don penguini can loop if it has multiple bonus actions, which…well you know what happens

Just a thought and havent tested it myself but what if he used showdown against a minoblast and infernowyrm. Might return quite a bit of damage back due to their abilities. Also ive found that getting off an airvoid can really give you quite a break.

Haha I haven’t really thought of air void… It’s a good strategy though, I’ll try it

Ive also countered it with my ending line up my last few are dread wolf tremorback and don penguini. If any of them live its usually a one hit to kill don

Puffoxin is the key. When killed, it will deal 10000 damage to Don. Don’t put it in your last 3 though!

Its simple throw a stund skin in your line up and don is dead (well you imagine with three attacks) as well a don with haste still wont loop unless it gets more then one kill (dont ask me why i dont know) so arks like baricadus and destructor are normally good towards the end of your line up :slight_smile: