Stegospike should be toned down


His stun cost him 250 TU


His stun only delay for 50 TU


His stun has a chance to miss

160 cost TU stun, that will delay action by 200 TU AND 100% success rate is just BS, more of it he is quite hard to kill

He can just permastun the whole team while other ark kill down the stuned ark

bug section please, will take a look. 

Oh, please move this, I didn’t even now this is a bug, but i think in suggestion more appropriate?
Just to make it clear, currently stegospike stun skill cost 160 Tu to him, while delaying enemy action by 200 TU with 100% success right, i think this is too powerfull so I give a suggestion above


As much as I love Stegospike, I do have to agree. It’s definitely way too overpowered. I vote: stun has a chance to miss. And I vote having it be the same chance Chillqueen has to miss Hypnosis.


A stun strategist myself. I have to agree on this. He has to be toned down.

got it, thanks guys. 

where is stegospike?

If its toned down. Give him more moves. Not fair otherwise

Stegospike is rediculously overpowered and it feels un fair that he tends to be gotten only by those who are lucky with there rolls on eggs. I have a pretty good team but its useless once stegospike appears despite all kinds of strategies he is far to tough! And stunning is just rediculously mad especially considering he often gets bonus goes being an s class!!

I can wipe him and teams that use him out but however if he gets bonus moves, it’s game over! Why is it so many people manage to get him and I not once have seen him appear or even got close to getting him in an egg? Not enjoying pvp, when this fella keeps popping up!

The good thing is, is that with the coming update, Stegospike is being nerfed/restructed/etc. It had been apparent that this was a problem for a VERY long time.