Best Legendaries out of this list?

Which ones are good out of those?

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Use your tickets in a true good monster, dusicyon

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If u can wait till 12 tickets , floccolasurus.
If u can’t , then 6 ticket dusciyon or gold tail.

Anything other than this will be a waste of time n tickets . Get these 3 first n then the rest

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None of those monsters have good value for your tickets. You should wait until you have six tickets then purchase dusicyon. I don’t think there’s a single person who regrets purchasing dusicyon as their first shop monster.

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Are you Finnish?

Ok cool thanks

Me? Nope haha, I’m British

Alright I’ll consider one of those options, thank you for taking your time to reply :blush:

Oooh, okay sure I’ll check him out and save up

I bought doomengine with my first 3 tickets.
Worst mistake of my life dont be me save up and buy dusicyon and try to unlock its secret skill too

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That must’ve been horrible :worried:

Secret skill?
Do you mean the skill you unlock when you Ultra Evolve it?

Mine was galliodragon.l bought it because life flip unlimited and hold ground is very powerful an very difficult to beat it an then only I understood that it was pretty easy to be killed.I didn’t go to forum or reference of sort and bought it.Dont buy buy anything other than dusciyon athrasis goltail and floccasaurus

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At least it wasn’t Sanctallion

No it uses a special ingredient which you can find in some story events and PvP loot and unlocks a 5th skill. But the monster needs to be ultra evolved fully.

I bought warca lol
I was a newbie

I bought a midas (thought explosive quartet was op)

I bought Galliodragon :sob: (was trying something with NR)

I bought Ataharsis i regret it later but in the end i will had to buy it anyways because i didn’t have any PvE MVP such as Auro and Geartyrant

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I bought atra, not particularly regretful though since he later became shop exclusive anyway… pretty solid choice I’d say. shouldn’t always discredit those limited time deals though, AS myst has served me pretty well so far. As for whether he’s better than dusi or flocco… well, probably not lol, but at least he’s a unique pick, not to mention cheaper.

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Atrahasis is sadly no longer cheaper that Dusicyon. However I’ve checked him and he doesn’t seem too bad but what people have said it seems as though Dusicyon is far better to go with when you start :slightly_smiling_face: