What to do with tickets?!

I got 3 x 6 star tickets so i was wondering if i should get valza or wait for dusi ? not really in a rush but i saw that the process to obtain tickets it’s pretty slow… Will they change the monsters inside the exchange shop or they will remain for ever with the 50% discount? Is dusi only obtainable by the exchange method or it will be featured in future eggs? Ty guys! ^^

Wait for Dusy believe me because after your first purchase the prices will duplicate so it will be 12 valza is great but dusy is he best just can check out last PvP report it was the most used monster so there you have it


For your first purchase you should never, under any circumstances (unless you own all of them), purchase the 6 ticket mons. 12 ticket mons like goldtail/atra (best for pve) and duscy (best for pvp) are much better than any 6 star ticket mons you could buy. If you have a decent pvp team, dusicyon is the way to go and if you have a good pve team that has monsters like geartyrant or chronititan that would benefit greatly from goldtail then get that one. If you don’t have monsters that synergize really well with goldtail but have ones that synergize well with atrahasis, pick that one if you want a pve mon.


Only when you’ve played for over 3 years an still haven’t got Mecha 🤷

Ok then i’ll wait until i collect 6 tickets and then probably i’ll go for Dusicyon or Goldtail ty for the tip ! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


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I meant unless you own all the 12 ticket mons you shouldn’t buy a six ticket mon as a first purchase. Best to not waste tickets bc you’ll end up buying a 12 ticket mon eventually.

Yeah man it was just a self burn :wink:

I agree that those two are the “optimal” choices but personally I don’t need them to have fun. I’ll soon have 12 tickets and am planning to spend them on Ankoudragon instead of Dusicyon or Goldtail.

I think my biggest fail in this game to date was using my tickets to get Nebelronix for the sale price. So much regret, especially considering I got a dupe of him in an egg a week later

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If you are going for Ankou is because you want a good PvE monster but in that case i think Goldtail is better

I know, but I have some great combos in mind when it comes to Ankoudragon. I think he’s definitely got more swagger than Goldtail :wink:

If you can pull off combos with ankou you should go for it. Ultimate challenge is probably coming soon and eternal revenge is amazing.