Level 100 SSR

Why is there no instructions on how to obtain a level 100 SSR

What I mean by level 100 SSR is how do I obtain the 3rd ultra evolution of a SSR

I don’t know, but someone on the Evertale forum might

I think u get lvl 100 by awakening it 4 times aka 4 dupes are fused !

Hahahahahah. That sounds impossible. They can keep evertale and cramituptheirposteriorexitpipes. Much like they can do with the current lack of 300gem guarantees and pay to win mythics. I know our beloved and silent @Dev_VKC and @Dev_BRD have nothing to do with the current BS, but I do miss the days when $$$ weren’t required to win.

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I’ve moved this over to the Evertale section of the forum for you. Please make sure you create threads in the correct category in the future!

But at least evertale chars are useable at lvl 80 and they r competitive.

Level 80s vs 100s is a sad day for the 80s.

There’s instructions, you might have missed it

Lvl 100 SSR is by awakening the character +4 times.
Also by making sure it’s ultra evolved.

I wouldn’t worry about level 100 right now only the biggest whales have them at the moment even high spenders don’t have level 100 monsters yet

The only way is to awaken it. You need 4 duplicates of the same mons and you fuse it together. Each one gives 5 levels addition thus 80 to 100. Unfortunately there is no other way to go from 80 to 100.
1 thing they have got right is the use of duplicate mons

if you get 5 dupes then that 5th copy is as useless as it can get. Would be cool to have a sacrifice system where you can discard monsters you have no need of for some rewards

You sacrifice is. Use it to boost other mons of some sort. I think it’s fine the duplicate system.

I don’t think all monsters even have boost… If you have 6 copies of a ssr character i don’t think 1 or 2 boost would justify that. It’s a fricking ssr

This would be great. Some kind of exchange system like if you sacrifice a ssr you will get an ingredient. With 1,2,3 or 4 idk of this ingredients you could awake one other ssr.

Maybe as the game wears on. But atm I would love all dupe ssrs lol

No I know how to get a card to lvl 100 I’m talking about the 3rd ultra evolution if you look in the Encyclopedia there are 3 ultra evolutions one at 60, 80, and 100. I’m asking if the 3rd ultra evolution is automatic when it reaches level 100?

It should be automatic

For SSR char : max 60
Awaken 1 - 4 : add 5 level each awakening : 20
Ultra evolved : add 20 max level
So, total 100.
Good luck grinding :stuck_out_tongue: