Spawn rates

Hey all,

So I was just wondering wha the different spawn rates are for each ark.

I know that the hatchlings and starters are 1/200, or 0.5%, but whats the spawn for things like skullrex, mettalo, and nilo? Thanks


It’s 1/80

^^ lol

why lol?

Not you, the repeat post an hour later than Cullen’s

Was it really necessary to post this after Cullen said the same thing?

I’d be more understanding if the thread was 30 pages deep but really?

it’s 1/80 *troll face*

Is Skullrex’s Spawn Rate really that low?

No wonder it took forever to get a Plasmorex

It wasn’t that low for me. I got one from an egg and got a plasmorex. Snagged my second skullrex accidently while leveling monsters. Now I got two Plasmorex

^^ Then you 2 are extremely lucky XD It took me about 2 hours to get my S rank skull rex (I was doing some bite school training breaks every once in a while, but still.)