Hunting myth


I heard several times that farming a bit and waiting for about an hour at the spawn point would give you a hatchling/starter very fast.
Is this possible to be true?

(Sorry for my English; English isnt my mother language :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you’re on the correct spot they will eventually appear. The rate they appear is very low so it comes down to luck but they DO spawn on 4 different spots.

Yes, I know. But a few people said when you wait at a spot and do nothing for about 1 hour, the spawn rate increases.
One User said he farmed for hours and nothing happened. After that he waited at the spot, tried again and got a hatchling on the first try.
He said the same happened to him with a brakie on the second try.

Pure luck. Every time a fight starts its a % chance that each of the opposing monsters will be the rare one. This % doesn’t change.

Okay. I was a little confused because I heard this many times and thought it might be a glitch or something.
I will try it anyways :smiley: