Spawn rate of an S grade...

This may be a difficult question, but maybe someone can answer.

Does anyone know the spawn rate of an S grade and of an A grade?

Just want to see if it is practically feasible to farm an S grade Cherub.

Well, that depends on what the original spawn rate is.

I believe an S nilo has a 0.00002% of spawning. Or was it 0.0002%? I don’t remember, but it had a lot of zeroes. 

Nilo has the same spawn rate as Cherub, so… that could be used for Cherub as well.

And yes, I got this from another mod. Not directly from a dev, haha ^^;

Oh, but don’t be discouraged. At least it’s not 0.000000000000000001% or something. :s

I found the 0.5% spawn rate of a hatchling very low already. 0.0002% sounds impossible to me. I don’t know how people can farm an S grade Angelon… from gold egg?

Or they just got two As and used a gradebooster. Or one A and one S.

Gold eggs help too. That what happened with my S gremknight. Haha

Is the spawn rate of A grade much higher than S?

Much higher? I don’t really know. But it’s higher. ^^;