Am I unlucky, or?...

Been farming hatchlings for the past couple days, off and on.

First off, please let me know if I’m wrong in where I think they spawn. I am under the impression they’re on the first four dirt road tiles going north out of Agramis. Is this correct?

I’m under the impression the spawn rate is 0.5% per Ark that spawns. Is this correct?

I got my first hatchling after seeing only 32 arks on the first dirt road tile, which I know is very lucky. Since then I’ve seen just over a THOUSAND arks on the second dirt road tile, with nothing to show.

If the spawn rate really is 0.5%, I must be stupendously unlucky on this second tile…

Some hatchlings are more common/rarer than the other , but just keep trying tho

The spawn rate for hatchlings and starters is .5%  So it just takes awhile to find them. :wink:

Make sure u have something else to do to not get bored

And also i reccomend picking up a mettalo and using escape

Take a break every now and then when you’re tired or irritated of looking for hatchlings before you lose your sanity.

Watch TV at the same time. That will keep you sane.