Spawn Rates

Does anybody know the exact spawn rate of the baby dragons, the starters, cherub and skullrex ?

The baby dragons and starters are 0.5% per arkadion.

Cherub is 2% per arkadion.

I don’t know about skullrex. ^^;

Skullrex seemed pretty high compared to others like cherub. maybe 5-7%? (my personal gameplay experience)

Yeah skullrex is pretty common

Ok thanks to all of you !

What is marshoos spawn rate plz answer

I don’t know if you mean Musharoo, but that’s what you mean, Musharoo isn’t very rare. It takes a little bit of time to encounter, but not that long.

I thought the baby dragons are 0.5% per battle.

i.e. 200 battles to get one.

Test it and you will see.

I don’t think it’s per battle. I’m not sure how that will work. 0.5% of what per battle? Of one dragon per battle? Of two dragons per battle? Of three dragons per battle?

And yes, sure you can use math to solve it, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s that simple. Suppose you have a coin, heads or tails. 50/50 chance to land either way, right? That means you can get heads twice in a row. Or three times in a row. Or, if you’re unlucky/lucky, ten times in a row. And so on.

If it takes 200 battles to get a baby dragon at 0.5% then that would mean you need to flip twice to get tails. And that’s not always the case.

Now imagine tails was the possibility of you NOT getting a dragon. That’s 99.5%. I imagine you’d be flipping quite a long time if you want heads, and if you’re really unlucky, you might have to flip a thousand times. Literally.

Not to discourage any one.

I hear there is some sort of statistic thingy for this, but frankly I’m not good at math. In fact, math is my weakest subject. But I don’t think it’s 200 battles to get a dragon, because that would be both too easy and there wouldn’t be people complaining about farming 30+ hours for one dragon.