Is it possible to find more than one rare monster?

I have been looking for two of one starter and I found one within half an hour then I have been looking for three hours now and cant find another one is there only one?

You could look for more than one. Some may just take longer than others depending on how lucky you are. Some people could take days to find it, so three hours isn’t too much. Good luck trying to find another one!

You could find all of them if you wanted but the chances are low. But you should not give up. You have a 1/200 chance of finding the starters and dragons so good luck!

Lol i dont know if the 1/200 spawn rate is correct cuz im convinced that it took me way longer than just 200 arks

If you flip a coin, it’s 50/50 chance to get heads or tails. If you got heads the first time, you can get heads the second time too. 

AKA the spawn rate does not accumulate.

It’s like saying you have a 1 in a 200 chance to get a galey… each time. 200 battles/arks does not guarantee you a hatchling or a starter. In fact count yourself lucky if you manage to get one in under 200 ark encounters.

I thought there was a topic pinned for this, but I don’t know.