I want to know how rare it is to get the hatchlings and the starters, I had no luck getting either


1/200 chance PER monster in the fight. So if you have three monsters in the fight, that’s essentially rolling the die three times. 


So if I have one monster, the rarity where be lowered?


Nope; the rarity stays the same no matter what.


No, the rarity is always 1/200. But fighting more monsters gives you more chances at getting it in the same fight.

I mean, say you get in a fight with three seaquills. Each of those seaquills had a 1/200 chance of being a dragon or starter instead. The dice are rolled before the monster gets selected.


Statistics are a nightmare…


If you encounter one though, will I get a 100% chance to capture it?


I think the best you’ll manage is 97% chance if you have a strong team. 


I beat the story mode if that counts


I’ve finished story and only had a 97% chance to catch hatchlings. Considering that percentage you would think I could catch it? Nope, failed and had to search for another hour… As for starters I went onto the spot you catch brakie, I kid you not 5/6 monsters in at appears on its own and that was 100% with either of the 2 silver cards. Took less than a minute for brakie to appear yet after an hour of searching no other starters appeared.


Where is the chimp stop with screenshots


Would coldheart thyphoonwyrm and shadowlance be a good team because I am trying to get the other two dragons for omegawyrm


Follow the path up from orlen. I it’s on the 3rd spot on the path. Was looking for it last night for an hour with no luck. Just looked then and it took 6 minutes to appear with 100% capture rate with either silver card.


anyone know the exact spawn rate of cherub? I didnt think it would be this low…considering I got 3 hatchlings yesterday


I avg about 1 cherub every thrty minutes. But thats on the whole… Ive gone 1.5 hrs before finding one and then 2 back to back(i believe this meant i should have bought a lottery ticket). But i think at least heavy farming should yield 1 per hour.

at least


thank you!


on a side note I am working on the hatchlings now and got a leafy much quicker than cherub… not having luck in the second spot though. But if the general spawn rate is about the same for the other three as it is for leafy then the hatchlings might be easier to obtain in general.

Higher catch rate with level of team

They dont sacrifice themselves

and leafy at least seems to spawn pretty quick.

**general observations and opinions: not fact** have to state this as it is my play experience and may not necessarily reflect others.

Ty for the ty though!