Spawn rate

Ok so i know that the spawn rate for the four dragons is 1/200 but what can affect the spawn rate. Like if i accidently move to a new location will it reset or…

Only when you found them the spawn rate is reset - confirmed by Admin.

However the rate is fixed at 1/200, so the next time you see it, it will still be at that rate.

They put in place a thing where when you’ve been farming for 2000 battles in the same spot (when you’re extremely unlucky), & haven’t seen the hatchlings nor the starters, the next battle, you will definitely see one.

Thank you

Does the spawn rate increase if i am not battling at that spot?

No, it does not

Dang ok thanks

I have battled over 200 arkadians and still have not seen leafy is that ok? Or was i supposed to have seen one by now??

Technically, the percentage on seeing Leafy is .5%

So very slim but it maxes out at 2000 battles

Some get the hatchlings and starters right away, some grind for weeks