Chances to find uncommon, rare, etc

So starters + dragons apparently (or verified) 1/200 spawn chance or 0.5% chance. Rare or whatever that tier is are 1/80 chance.

My question is (if anyone can help me with it): Are the spawn chances calculated based on each time you enter a fight? Or are they based on each position in the arkadion line up?

For example: if you enter a fight to capture a Galey and 5 enemies spawn (3 against you plus 2 waiting to come in). Is the chance to find a Galey 1/200 for that 1 fight or is it 1/200 * 5 Arkadions? Because if its per arkadion spot in the fight then it would be significantly higher.

It’s 1/200 for each monster that spawns. So you have a higher chance of finding it if there are more monsters that spawn. 

Moving to FAQ.

It takes up alot of time , Thats for sure!