Something "Weird" but Nice

This time I come to suggest a benefit for p2w players, it is not something that will influence the game mechanics or the quality of monsters, but something that is real and that I have noticed in many other games, players with p2w benefits in addition to having better rewards they receive unique titles, or special icons or simply a name color change, now I say, not a p2w of 10 dollars, but a player who has spent 150 or more in the game could be easily recognized thanks to benefits Like this one, now in other games the different icons or titles give buff to the account, in this game it would only be something aesthetic, to show off the other unique icons, unique titles or for your name to change color, is it something crazy? Yes, is it weird? Also, but it would definitely be nice to see.
PS: Maybe 150 USD is excessive and that would be at the hands of the devs


Thanks for support me bro
Will be Nice
I hope everybody support it

Hello group, I like the idea, I think it does not make a difference in the game, they are only graphic details that can motivate the f2p to buy gems and the p2w can show a nice icon, I support the idea

Thanks for support me bro

Did you seriously create this thread just for what I submitted in TOG? The game is fine like this, I hope and the developers ignore this thread, easy, The P2W will be recognized by the amount of mythical awake.

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No,i Made this thread cause i think is fair
Other games do that why Neo don’t?

I like this idea a lot because it encourages people to spend and contribute to the game without giving them another advantage in competitive playing.

The idea is fine, then again it’s all about whether investing in it extra shiny/collectables for Neo Monsters could be a viable marketing strategy… will it ACTUALLY encourage more people to spend?

Also, this should not mean paylocking some content that would’ve previously been freely available to everybody. That would be just scummy.

I’d like it if it allowed the bond quest units that have a max bond to be able to change the color of the name to a green or a nice orangey yellow color. They could add a ‘name recolor’ token in with some gem packs as a cool little bonus

@ToG_BaNaNaHoT dont be the only negative person in here. I like the idea of this


Who is TOG?

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@ToG_BaNaNaHoT yeah, see if you can bring in other people to create negativity as well so you aren’t alone

Would you like me to summon some negativity to this thread @ONEduck


No please
Don’t do that
I just want something more cute for p2w cause i Saw in other games stuff like the one i said


I agree with you do not know ah that the thread is coming if in the end the one who can not buy will not benefit from this without more

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According to the comments read, I think that in general the Neo needs graphic improvements, I hope that everyone agrees with that, do the developers want to fix it?


I also really like that idea, I give you my support😎

Dosent hurt anyone so why not

Have special icons that can only be attained when you awaken a certain number of mythics (1,5,10,etc).


don’t be negative, there’s nothing wrong with the idea

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