P2W Egg

So you can only get a mythic ten pack for %50 off if you pay for gems? But F2P players need to pay the full 40 gems? Seems kind of unfair I get devs want money but even the dbl gems you get when you buy gems don’t count, so if you want a 10 pack half off you need to buy even more gems then what the deal is offering? If devs are trying to make more money this isn’t the way to do it, f2p and p2w players should have the same pack price, just rewarding p2w players with a bigger advantage then they already have :joy:. Good job making f2p players even madder then they are. This anniv is purely to fill devs wallets back up since most ppl left the game lol

stop complaining they litterally give free 80 gems in the login and a garanteed myth just appreciate it stop being a spoiled brat

I’ve been playing this game for years, it used to be good, i know they’re giving out 80 gems dipa$$ but the price of a 10 pack shouldn’t change based on whether or not your willing to pay for gems

Why? the devs need money too I don’t think they can live from complaining people like you + it doesn’t change the price for f2p so that means it doesn’t affect you it just give an advantage to p2w players and its not even that big since it’s based on luck + devs could have just gave nothing for their anniversary and you’d get nothing you should be appreciating the anniversary instead of complaining on something that doesn’t affect you.

Man, must feel good for you to brown nose the devs and get nothing for it. I’ve used ue4 and unity to make games. I know how mobile marketing works, i also know other developers who live financially stable. From games with No in app purchases so don’t say they couldn’t live without p2w players cause you know that’s bull. They do it because they want to, the devs of neo stopped caring about the majority, and focused completely on themselves, why do you think so many ppl left the game? It’s unbalanced and money talks in every event except IC, if the mods want to lock this thread that’s fine my main point is the fact a 10 pack should be the same price for all player types not just ppl willing you use moms credit card like you.

Based on your logic this should seem right to you.
2 people go to view a house listed at $800k.
The person on the left has $873k in his bank and needs to pay the full $800k to purchase the house.
The person on the right has 1.6 mil in his ACC and is offered the same house for $500k instead of $800k. Do you see how the logic you have is kind of off there? Probably not you seem a little backwards. So I’ll explain
Both ppl have enough in thier banks to buy the house but the one with more money gets it cheaper.
Your logic is based on idiocy bud.

I’m F2P so the last sentence is irrelevant + of course people who have money have an advantage I don’t even understand why people cry about this if some guys wanna use money it’s their problem not yours cry-babying because P2W have an advantage is like complaining at a amusement park that people with flash pass who PAID for it go in rides before you.Devs don’t think about themselves the proof is that legendarys and mythical have been very easy to get than before and if devs cared only for themselves they wouldn’t have gifted us with all those things.

Gifted us with mythics :joy::joy::joy: what a joke

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I’m sure you got a myth you didn’t wanted and is very salty about it and blaming other ppl for it

I have 6 myths and haven’t bothered doing the free pack myths are a joke

so why are you crying?

Some se, are more viable then certain myths. That’s not a balanced game

I’m not crying, jesus is that your only insult?

why would I insult you?

You have to understand that ppl with money will always have an advantage over you and that you can do nothing about it so now either you can continue complaining or work your way to become one of them

Just because you have brain damage and can’t realise the base point I’m trying to make, doesn’t mean I’m crying. That’s also why when I explained the house scenario you didn’t bother to comment about it. Because for the first time you actually realised what ive been saying this whole time is true, and now the only thing you can do is defend the devs because your to deep to admit the stupidity of the whole argument you’ve made so far



I like arguing because he has no point

I’ve stated my point several times

btw for the house thing it’s not true since the one that has 1.6 mill would have to pay more since in the game he pays 20 gems +actual money and f2p pay only 40 gems they got in a free way