Some questions from a new Player


I am from Germany and loved hunter Island once. Now I found this Game, which also seems interesting.

I have a question about the Battles which are on now. Make it Sense with my Team? And it showes me a Text says my Team don’t fit in the rules. I Read them but don’t find out what is wrong with my Team. Maybe I am ice the Limit with Monsters but on the Picture they are in there end Form and I don’t really have an idea which are wrong. And The question also is if it make Sense for me to try anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you help me out?

PS to get the Monsters from hunter Island which I had once is Not possible anymore, Right?



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Right now in PvP a temporary rule is active, in the game there are 13 types of monsters: beasts, dragons, insects, demons, angels, rocks, etc. While the rule is active you must play with a team that has at least one monster of each of the 13 types.

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The Hunter Island monsters are probably completely or at least almost completely merged into Neo Monsters. Most of them are 0 to 5 star monsters.

Appearently to port Hunter Island to the required 64Bit application wasn’t easily possible so it was abandoned. This is just what I remember, not officially confirmed.

Glad you’re back, I hope you’ll like Neo Monsters, you got nice monsters already in your account.

Don’t get overexcited about PvP yet, your team won’t stand much chance in this level. Play PvE first and try to collect 500 gems for shrine as 1st priority.

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This is why a clan system is necessary. Wouldn’t it be better for this player to receive advice from other experienced German players? I am sure that if you find a clan of German players your experience in the game will be 1000 times better

Ah okay, I was looking for the Element :sweat_smile:

Thank You all, I will Save gems then :slightly_smiling_face: