Island Challenge Discussion

I thought it would be nice just to have a permanent thread for each ongoing event so that we can keep all the discussion for each event neatly in one place. Here you can seek or share any stories/tips/tricks/information regarding the Island Challenge event. It will remained locked until the event is announced, and I’ll relock it after it ends.

Open for discussion.

The reward monster is poop

Nah i like him. Gonna try him at least

Wish we could go back to 10 levels per attempt. :slight_smile:

Does the enemy monsters stats inflate with higher levels? I went undefeated level 1-115 and havent gotten past 115 yet in my 13 tries. I literally watch my team do absolutely 0 damage and things like my lavaclops take 4 protector killers on a stegotops to kill

Ya I’m struggling at 105. The computer mons are just so much stronger. Poison Eater destroys everything, even SE mons on my team. I don’t know if I drafted poorly or what…

I sailed through to 105 as well. The only thing that makes a dent here on is blood crave or a 250+ second time strike. I just can’t get past 105.

I didnt win until i got my next draft and pulled a super epic mon with pull back. Used it on my steamhawk to put shells in their teams so i could 4v2

Does anyone else notice rhynos death revenge is still kicking in when he’s poise ned and you hit him? Maybe it’s just me but last I checked he has hg but everytime I’ve come up against him the Dr still hits my mon

I havent noticed that but i also have been dropping him to 1 health so that he kills himself with reckless since i didnt pick much poison in my drafts

The couple times, I would hit him while he was poisoned to knock it down. To hg and let him die off but still got hit with DR, but I must have misjudged the health bar or something because I didn’t have any problems just now . Anyone played with the new mon yet?

Why am I only getting extremely low level monsters in my draft picks yet I automatically lose when I go in a challenge with people with 6 star monsters and a bunch of 5 and 4 stars.
While all I get is a couple 5 and 4 stars with all the rest being 2-3 star monsters. This is not equal playing grounds for this event.
It’s set up to be about strategy but then you give others high advantages against others.

When did you collect your first draft? If you start the event a day or two late you’re going to be a long way behind the curve.

The Alpha, I’m not sure why it’s not letting me reply to you and making me tho another post. But I started right when the event started and have been doing my draft. I’m not behind at all yet I’m getting my whole team 1 hit killed and all of my hits are doing hardly anything attack after attack.

It is true. My last account got all SE and Epics in the first draft whereas my other accounts starting earlier got only one SE and one epic.

can i kindly check how does this event works? how come i cannot use my own team?

You basically get to draft monsters of different rarity every 12 or so hours
With those monsters you are supposed to build a team and compete against other people’s team
The fact is, after a certain point (about lvl 100) opponent’s monsters start getting some buffs, so it will be even harder to advance
Luck and not missing a draft will help you but unless you get extremely unlucky if you have some skills at team building and strategy you should be fine

so basically i should be having monsters that has auto poison/ poison eater/poison masscre/sleep bomb/dream hunt?

Poison is bad.

Sleep is good
Stun is good
Bloodthirst is good
Megabomb is good
Assisted attacks are bad
One on one is good

Use your judgement, can it kill stuff with 3x normal HP?