which level u got in tower event

i am new in this game. only get 32 floor. why u guys so good can get 200 floor even more. could someone give me some tips please thank you guys

What level is everyone during this event.? I’m 7th so far.


Number 1
103 floors

I’ve been fluctuating between 10th and 15th.

How are you finding the tower I have found stun asorbers and last biters the most annoying since all the stats have been super buffed where I am now

Lots of stun and poison teams. Maybe about 1/3 of the teams I’ve faced have a stun absorber towards the front. I don’t have any stunners in the latter half of my line up so I don’t really care to much if they’re at the back of the line. I’ve only faced a couple of last biters, most of what I see at the end are the epic last stand monsters.

are you Wilhelm
I know I’ve secured a place in the top 50 could stop playing and still be in it

Phelps, I plan on stopping with gem use around 100 and then climbing as much as I can the rest of the way with timer refills. Then whatever it takes to get in the top 50 at the end. I don’t figure it’ll take much more than 120-130 to get that.

edit: Just lost my first battle on floor 96. It was a bug or some kind of weird buff for a last stander. I had 2 monsters under 40 seconds and the others under 80 and it kept jumping in front of  them.

Have you vs my team in the tower yet
I really can’t wait for warca to be fixed it’s the one pulling me through the tower with bloodthirst and sleep bomb support but the sacrifice 2 is annoying

Not sure which team your running. And yeah warca will be even better when it gets fixed. Even killing 2 monsters it’s usually worth it. I just try to keep two at the back that I won’t hurt to much if I lose them. My first 4 are usually taking out the first 1/3 of the opponent. warca, cryokaizer, alpha gear, and glacier back. I usually have the first 3 or 4 of their monsters killed before they get more than one or two attacks in.

http://imgur.com/a/k6eNSMy team unchanged one loss so far only one person got past my nightrider and that was my fault for not setting up better at the beginning
Il probs replace nebol latter on if I get a last biter or rexotyrunt
The battles are hard now but it’s all the same strategy mostly so it’s getting easier as I can predict what the computer will do before it attacks

I’ve fought your team twice, it’s probably the hardest team I’ve faced so far other than the one that actually beat me with the bug at the end.


There’s a player that is really good but I don’t see them in the tower iceborn I was expecting to see him or battle him

135 and up are no joke just suffered my second lose enemy monsters can take 4 assisted waves in a row without losing 1/4 of its health even when I have a type advantage
And the teams spam death moves without fail
Battles a lot harder than Ingame battle going by enemy buffs and speed
I’m always going last even when going up against normally slow monsters

Ran out of gems just slow crawling now have only lost 3 battles and changed my team 2 I feel it’s near flawless

without gems Im at 52, but in the middle of miving, so as long as I stay in top700 Im happy

I’m just hemming so i can hit the 300th floor so far haven’t lost again hoping to have a max of 5 loses Te whole way through

I’d love to get to floor 60, but at 33 (I’m also no where near lvl 100, so a disadvantage for me). If I work it out, I can get about 10-12 levels a day, which means I should be able to get to floor 60 just in time.

Love how we’re all using an old thread to report our current standings lol. Floor 73 no gems spent.

When do the rewards typically get released?