Showdown at Old Corrolan...Oct 19th 2016

So anyone complete the showdown at old corrolan battles…care to share solutions for all the battles?..xD

Can only play as ABE in the first battle…lame excessive force can eat thru hold ground…zZZz

These things are hard.

Solved them all though. Don’t remember exactly how.

I am sure someone will remember enough to help though…xD

They are really hard. Keep trying! The first one I ended up with Penguini ve pengbot at the end. I think.

I only manage to cut don penguini’s life to half on 2nd mission as ben.

2nd battle:
Attack all bronzeshells and let them kill your rockoids so there are 3 or 4 enemies with kills on the field.

3rd battle:
Aoe from godfeather all the time. In the end canabalize godfeather and revive him.

Its really hard,1st 1 kill qith last bite, i donno what are th exact steps but maintain don penguin life in 90% so if pengbot attacks its 20% cut

stuck on 3rd … this battle is hard

Im stuck in 1 second don penguin plz help me to beat him

stuck at 4th/Last battle

cant remember the moves though.

all i remember in

2nd battle is skip zealous attacker then use gigaquake

then summon swarm then wait till all shell life flipped

then dont kill them wait for TGF to AoE & shell attack all droids

then hit the 200 sec skill from TGF’s brother…

thats all i can remember

in 2nd battle

4th battle:

with Don’s brother second skill (dont know the name).

than give turn and kill all.

then desperate bite sleepbomber - godfeather 

I feel dumb, this pengubot (or smth) keeps one shotting penguini in the first battle?

Hey all im new here i need help to beat 1st battle of showdown plz help me.


For elaboration… 4th
Oversight with pengbot,Aoe with shieldwyrm if hippo stealths any teammate,clio give turn to penguin then slayerall,enemy reinforcements come in and kills your teammate, despirate bite with pengbot then oversight, he kills enemies negating their HG so just do oversight then depirate bite. If your health is not red then just use overaight again until you can despirate then kill, if 1 opponent ex thordragon is left then oversight then thunderall, thats it

Actually the first one is the hardest. Mine i stealth teammate penguini until then enemy kills all my teammate, then last bite with 2 TK’ then last bite with pengbot

man am loving this great work devs you really did something amazing 

finished em all on first or second try. quite easy :wink:

Can’t remember all the steps now, but yeah wasnt too difficult at all

Just finished them all too. First one was definitely the hardest, the other three were a piece of cake

Stuck at 3rd battle? Some explanation?

Anyone can give some hints on first one ? I was quite close, but this penguin kills godfather even if he has hold ground …