I don't know what to even say....


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Look on the bright side, if you wanted to arm a mob you now have enough pitchforks, axes, and clubs to do so. :+1:

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One time I got 8 Noble Katanas ®, a Kadu Ogre ®, and a Bella Morte axe (SR). Oof.

a mi me paso lo contario :v use 1000 gemas y me dio a risette eterna y a finn en su modo ssr :v

i was kinda interested in installing the game but thanks to the forum my interest has gone

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If you want to, you can do the offline story and then uninstall. That’s what the game is good for imo.

Well you might have spoken too soon. Evertale 2.0 released today. Bit early to say what it will be like but there’s been a ton of changes and additions

Oh? First time hearing about that!

Might have to give it a chance then.

It’s a huge overhaul of evolution and other aspects as well as the online content. I haven’t checked it out properly yet (my girlfriend plays, she’ll fill me in with it all later). It was planned for back in October apparently but kept getting delayed lots. Evertale has been very quiet with scattered events for the last few months… it’s been quite boring in the wait for this huge update.

Interesting. It’s good that they are doing an overhaul but it really shows how disastrous the original game and release was.

It seems all the experience from Neo Monsters was washed down the drain and they did the same mistakes all over again. For months they recycled the same stupid event and the ingredient system was unbelievably bad as well. Also one major thing that made me quit was that there was really a rift between paying players and free-2-players, SSR summon rates were terrible and also the soul stone prices were outrageous.

Hopefully they’ve fixed at least some of these issues, I really did like the story part of it. I need to fill the story void that exists within me because we don’t get anything in Neo Monsters anymore :cry:

Not sure exactly how it was at the beginning but the general balance of soul stones is that the prices to get SSRs (especially to summon the 5 copies you need for lvl 100) were high but people are also given lots of soul stones for free. My girlfriend plays mostly for free and gets thousands of soul stones each month (1000 soul stones = 400 gems as equivalent). She’s able to target the best SSRs and get most of them but only one copy. In terms of competitive PvP you really needed them to be lvl 100 because the stats difference was very significant.

I’ve just taken a look at all the changes with my girlfriend. Looks very interesting. They’ve taken the focus away from summoning multiple copies of SSRs, which makes it quite a lot less P2W in that regard. Now it’s all about consistently logging in to collect daily stuff and getting resources which you use to boost your character’s stats.

SSRs go all the way up to lvl 200. I think you still need multiple copies for the last 20 levels but it’s probably less significant. All the daily login stuff can be done a certain number of times each day but you can spend soul stones to do them more. So basically you can build up your team slowly with time or speed it up by spending… a model I approve of quite a bit but not ideal when you want to have strategic gameplay and competitive PvP. The good news is I doubt they’ll keep pushing up the max level of things so as long as it can be reached in a realistic amount of time then free players get there too and it all comes down to strategy again.

In terms of new content they added… events are much the same for now and there’s nothing new where you actually engage and play. All the content expansion has come as auto-battle stuff (you literally can’t control your characters). You put your characters into what’s called a “platoon” which is rows of 4 characters and then for events it will use the first X rows of your platoon in the battle. You can watch the battles or simply skip them. Right now the main content added uses the first 5 rows so having 20 strong characters is important but there’s something like 15 rows in total and they all add to an overall power score for your account and what I think will be used in alliance wars and such. Hence, up to 60 characters in your collection can be put towards it and you’ll want to max out. Looks like a lot to work towards in the long run!

So all in all it’s a little weird. Quite a different style of game and moved away from a strategic, turn-based RPG with mind-challenging battles and more into a stats building game. However, it’s probably a better model for ZigZaGame in the long run because there’s more reason to keep logging in now as a big spender rather than to simply challenge yourself in PvP or buy the new characters. Using soul stones to speed everything up should bring them consistent income too. Nothing has actually been lost from the game, just a bunch of auto-play stuff added, so it should still be fun and have the strategic game play… as long as characters can be maxed out in a realistic length of time.

EDIT: Just realised I forgot to add… so having multiple copies of SSRs does actually do something now besides increasing the max level of that character. Since it’s now less significant, there’s a bonus added if you fully awaken one. If you have it fully awakened and particular SRs/Rs then your entire platoon gets a boost to their HP or Atk (typically +1%). So having a large number of fully awakened SSRs will mean your platoon is much stronger (matters for the auto-play and alliance stuff, not for PvP). Free players and small spenders probably won’t have any of these boosts.

wow this sounds terrible lol

I honestly think it’s pretty cool for Evertale. It’s given people a bit more to do in the game and the model is something probably works better at making money, keeping people playing frequently and giving people a satisfying experience overall. I hope it does the game and ZigZaGame a lot of good in the long run.

However, I would definitely hate this kind of thing for Neo Monsters. In Neo it’s all about getting good interactions between monsters and strategic team building… rather than just a numbers game. Also, combat is the core of the game so any auto-play additions would be completely different from what the playerbase wants.

I’m incredibly proud of how well designed the combat has been in Neo Monsters that it’s been able to go down the route it has rather than resort to the easy options of daily activities and slow progression through stat building which can be boosted by spending.

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oh I just meant that in general this sounds pretty bad. idk what this does for evertale since I haven’t played it but it sounds a lot worse than neo

There’s actually one major thing I didn’t mention that a lot of Neo players will be envious of… a proper chat system in the game (server, alliance and personal chats). Alliances are a bigger part of the game and the chat is now vastly improved from what it was before.

If clans will ever become a thing in Neo I hope they’re able to copy over from Evertale the things they find work well and what people like. Evertale might be a good testing ground for them with that!

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The battle system basically goes to show how well Neo Monsters hit the sweet spot. Having ±spirit for attacks is an interesting extra dimension but everything else they changed pretty much made it worse without question. It’s still fun but nothing like Neo and I’m not sure how much they can improve it with time, unlike Neo which they’ve made so much better over the years of development (still talking about the battling here).

So with the limitations of Evertale combat, it probably really needed a change of direction for long-term sustainability. For Neo they can keep working on new PvE events or have special rules for things to keep events and PvP fresh and interesting.

Agree with most of the stuff but have to correct that 1000 soul stones = 40 gems and there will be weapons in the same summon so you might end up with no characters at all. I really wish they split them into two banners with characters and weapons only.

And I have to say I kinda like the new update. The game has become a lot different from what it was. The rewards and achievements system received a complete overhaul as well! It will be interesting to give it a go again.

2.0 makes me want to quit it’s heavily p2w
Other than the new contents are good

It’s a joke that u think That this Update is Good :joy: it’s total garbage. More shifting towards p2w. Autogrind, a totally not iso 9241 oriented GUI. Never seen a game that could get that worse after an update that should and could have been a big push in terms of quality. Not to mention that they weren’t able to bring the update in their announced time window. Very sad performance overall