New content

so when are we going to get actual new content. The devs refuse to communicate with the playerbase at all. on social media and discord. It has been months and all we keep getting is reruns.
seems liek ZigZag just wants to milk money from their playbase with reruns at this point.
this is exactly how venus 11 died.
if this is how ZigZag runs their games, they are just as bad as crunchyroll and I will no longer be playing a game from them

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Hmm apparently it’s the same story as in Neo Monsters. There hasn’t been new content in years. However, the Devs are more approachable and actually have made some QoL improvements.

Evertale as a whole is a s*itshow anyway. One of the biggest disappointments I ever experienced in gaming.

They created a new event last year: defence of othlon (or something like that). They’ve also added new features like HP boost. They also have different special rules for PvP each month.

Not all of that is precisely “new content” but gives much the same effect.

As for Evertale… yeah sorry Kyoudai but what you have is something all about collecting and maxing as many characters as possible to be able to beat others in clan wars. They just release a huge number of new characters and continue to power creep them so you have to keep collecting them.


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