Evertale is coming


So there’s no pretending anymore. Less than 2 months to go and there has been a bit of panic. I want to be the rational one here for once (I know, the thought of it is madness). So can I please ask the devs, @Dev_BRD and @Dev_VKC about the future of Neomonsters as it means a lot to most of us and we are not willing to drop it in a moments notice. I mean many will be happy to play the 2 games but the truth we all want to know is how long will you be keeping Neo alive for? We all hope for years more of fun from Neo, along side evertale so please, we beg for an answer. Also, will there be some way to transfer legends over in any way or form? If so, cool, but add a limit of like 10, if not I guess it’s a fresh start but the money guys will be on top of course.



Additional question: will the game be released on Android and if yes, is it the same date as on iOS?

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I hope its just to seperate games if evertale is gatcha I won’t play it if it’s explore etc I will like hunter island but better

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Interesting … Hopefully this game is not pay to get good monster

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Well it’s pay to play. And probably will be pay to win



I am wondering if it’s worth to put in more of my time into NM ever since I saw about their evertale announcement… Usually in other games, quality of previous expansion declines when new one comes out!
Less attention, less updates and more care-free approach…

Would be nice if one of the devs give out some clarification about their stand on NM !



You guys are being way too negative before anything happened. Relax and observe. Your spent money on neo will be remaining on neo and the game won’t close it’s doors within 1 year. There are still new content for this game and as far as people will play it they will continue it.



That’s exactly what I’m asking about



Description of Evertale: Catch monsters, evolve and train. Does it sound familiar? :slightly_smiling_face:. Also the first look gives me the impression it’s monster battles integrated to a RPG rather than the other way around, which Neo is. If the online will be as developed as Neos there will be no reason for me to play Neo. All I ever wanted for Neo is more RPG and lore.



This is a matter of taste. Neo is absolutely what I like to play on my mobile phone



We don’t have any plan neither to shut down Neo Monsters nor stop updating it. There are still many new features on the list we want to add to the game.

Evertale may seem similar to Neo Monsters, but it is a different game, featuring different art style, levelling and training system. And the game will be run by a different group of devs. Me and BRD and the rest of the crew plan to keep updating and running Neo Monsters.

As a gaming company, we are not going to have only one game in our service. We will keep developing and releasing more games. I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy our other games as much as Neo Monsters :wink:



Yea thank you man! Good to get that security either way you can bet I’ll be playing both as much as I can, although perhaps slightly more effort will be put into ET upon release to catch up :grin:

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Did anyone evertale you that a lot of Neo Monster characters made it into this game?

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Lily will be the final boss. The ultimate waifu

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@Dev_VKC did you evertale us whether or not we’d be able to transfer our legends from Neo to Evertale?



2 separate games lol.



He knows that… he just wanted to make sure if he evertold the joke !?!



Yea and if he evertales that joke again I’m gonna get annoyed

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I can nevertale if you guys are serious or not.



What up mr Kelley

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