Shop between players, clan war

Neo monsters community that you think is an idea of ​​a shop for exchanging monsters, gems, fruits, money, potions, ingredients … I think that idea would be pretty great. I don’t know how difficult it is to code this but hey I think it would be very good for the community … I would also like to talk about a section to have group fights like defend your strength from the attackers or something like that … I think the latter would increase the popularity of the game a little more so that developers think about it


Share gem ingredient potion? That would be very unfair, because it is easy to obtain gems in the initial account, and high-level accounts do not lack money and materials, so it is not advisable, but if there is a tribal war, it will be very interesting.

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I think that it should be implemented so that it could only be approached with other players of similar rank, also you should not necessarily think like that because an example I have a high rank account with many legendary and if someone of low rank would like to change some legends for something else I think that would be very useful

For the clan war, I posted this in December:

Here is the basic idea: You can create clans using ‘clan coins’(name is a work-in-progress). These clan coins can only be obtained from the cumulative login bonus(to prevent spamming and to hopefully make sure that clans have leaders that are experienced with the game).

When you create your clan, you must choose your element(shadow, holy, water, fire, air, earth). Depending on your element, you can get more of one of the following ‘crystal types’: Shadow=Onyx, Fire=Ruby, Earth=Emeralds, Water=Sapphire, Air=Opal, Holy=Pearl.

From there, the clan leader(the person who created the clan) can invite two of their friends. They become Captains of the clan, and are second in command to the leader. The clans have a max size(10-20 members).

Once you have a leader and two captains, the leader can start wars. Clan wars would involve two clans who can fight each other at any time. If you win a battle, you get a certain number of points based on a few factors(I’m thinking number of turns taken to win and number of monsters remaining), and you get a certain amount of you clan’s crystal type as well as your opponents clan’s crystal type(maybe 10 of each).

If your clan has more points than the other clan after a certain amount of time(a week maybe) loses the war, and your clan wins. If you win, then you get a certain amount of crystals of each type from their ‘Clan Vault’, which is then moved to your clan vault. Every time you win a fight during a war, you get maybe 1-2 of your opponent’s crystal type in your vault as well.

After a certain amount of time, a month or so I’d say, your clan can open your vault, and clan members will get crystals of each type in amounts that are proportional to the total points that they earned. Across the period since the last time the vault was opened.

So, this entire system seems focused on obtaining these crystals, so what do they do? Well, for one thing, they can buy monsters of their crystal element(e.g. Onyx could buy a shadow dragon, emerald would buy an earth one). Given that an active player in a skilled clan could probably earn about 2-300 crystals per war, and a skilled clan with active players could earn about 1000 crystals for each clan member when the vault is opened, about 2000 of a certain crystal type, a solid month of grinding, should be able to buy you a pretty good monster.

The monsters that are bought with crystals should mostly be exclusive to the crystal shop so that people are incentivized to work hard in clans. There should be on of each type(dragon, phantom, etc.) for each element. I think that legendaries and even mythics should be available from the shop, but I don’t know how to keep up with the rapidly changing meta without replacing old monsters.

Overall, this is a rough summary of my ideas for clans. This system would add a twist to the classic clan wars model as well improving the community aspect of Neo. This sort of multiplayer clans with wars and rewards is currently dominated by the clash games, but with a system as new and unique as this, I think that Neo would really be able to set itself apart from those other games.


I agree with everything you posted. Clan coins would prevent a massive flux with clans in the servers and would make players want to log in more to earn them. I would just change the war rewards systems from crystals to 6 star tickets, would be less of a hassle to code and shop is already there. By doing this also, you can add more mythics to buy with legendary tickets and earning mythics will be easier.


La verdad estaría muy bien modos así de juego q modifiquen y refresquen el sistema de juego actual

I only going to say
NeoMonster have the same rights then Evertale
So,why Evertale have alliances and Neo don’t?