things that should change

Hello, I am new to the forum. You have not thought to take this magnificent game to another level, I am a player who has been playing for a long time and I think you should add many things to this game that makes us play hours and hours a day. They have thought about adding a way to be able to make clans within the game itself that would attract many people. 2 make a place for in-game content creators for example @dmg dont to be able to see their videos so amazing. 3 because they don’t make a place where the limited monsters that their packs are at that moment can be bought by gems for example scorpion geist for 40 gems and so you shouldn’t have to try your luck 4 in the golden ticket store because you don’t renovate that store 5 because they don’t create a place where people make their own ideas about monster skins and abilities and the community would also participate 6 please Do to see when a friend is active that you did not go online 2 minutes ago 7 make your official Facebook page and respond to people’s comments with doubts since many people complain that they do not respond and also upload events not only packs 8 in each update make at least one new event not just monsters and abilities 9 when you start a new game you have to pass the long tutorial that It is very uncomfortable for there and everything is fine thanks for bringing us this beautiful game. thank you for your attention and a strong greeting

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These sound like great ideas, they should hire you to code all this into the game @Esc

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  1. Clan system would be fun. Personally I do enjoy the peace of solo gaming though.
  2. Interesting idea. As a content creator myself this would benefit me. It would probably be complicated deciding who to add there, which videos, moderating it, etc.
  3. Not going to happen. We have the gacha to get monsters, not outright buying limited monsters unless it’s a very special promotion.
  4. Not sure what you’re saying here.
  5. You’re in the right place for that… they sometimes draw ideas from what people post on this forum.
  6. “2 minutes ago” = online and just played a mission. Don’t really know what you’re getting at here. Without a messaging system there’s no need to know whether they’re online or just played a battle and logged out, say, 5 minutes ago.
  7. The Devs sometimes write here on the forum, but they focus their time on actually developing the game rather than responding to random people on the internet.
  8. They have new events in the works and they improve the current ones but it all takes time on top of everything else. When you look at all that’s been achieved over the years there’s been great progress considering they’re not a huge team of people (compared to big gaming companies).

it’s true playing solitaire can be fun but many people like to have a clan. I don’t do it for me, I do it to give an idea of ​​how to improve the game. An example of clans would be you join that clan and every time you play a battle the victories of all the members are accumulated and if they reach a number they give you a few gems and something more. thanks for answering me