Features that could be added to neo

I think there should be a way of sharing gems so it could make pvp more interesting among players

I doubt anybody wants to share their gems

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And it could be easily abused

Monster trading could be good. people could do giveaways or stuff. but knowing our devs it wont be as simple as pokemon if it does happen. possibly legendary for a legendary, once per four months or a year and only after hero rank 100 or 150

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devs already answer the monster trading and even trading stuff in general. It won’t happen but I can’t remember all the reasons.

Trading gems wont happen. Nobody wants to share their gems and what people would do is run multiple farming accounts and send the gems to their main account. But the devs would never go for it as that would definitely hurt their money.

This is a very big reason why monster trading/gifting is also a terrible idea for the game.

I’ve played around with the idea of trading before in similar games and the best thing I could come up with is (in Neo Monsters terms)…

  • The seller pays some gems (50?) to give the legendary away
  • The buyer pays a very large amount of gems (250?) to receive the legendary
  • The seller gets (2+x) legendary potions as a reward for gifting (x = bonus on the monster)
  • The buyer gets the legendary at +0
  • The ability to buy/sell legendaries is unlocked at hero rank 100
  • You may buy and sell only once a month (you may do each once)

The idea is that the company does not lose out from the trading process by there being an amount of gems spent by the players and it doesn’t undercut the other offers in the game. The exact number of gems doesn’t have to be 300 in total but that sounds about right to me given the 6th pack guaranteed. The cost to buy/sell helps avoid any exploitation with multiple accounts.

The reason why someone would want to sell is to gift a legendary they don’t want to a specific other player. The legendary potions are a consolation reward that may be enough of a reason for some people. However, they may also be able to arrange a “trade” with someone (through means outside of the game / added as an additional feature) where they buy a legendary back off the person using the same process. If such a trade was made then they would each be spending 300 gems, getting 2+x legendary potions and swapping the monsters with them reset back to +0.

The reason why someone would want to buy is they can get a specific legendary guaranteed for 250 gems. This is typically a slightly cheaper way to get a specific legendary because of the 6th pack (300 gems) in the game usually not giving a specific legendary. It can also be used to obtain any legendary, not just one that’s currently featured. However, they will not obtain any other monsters for these 250 gems so they could most likely get a lot more value from spending these gems on an egg. Also, they’ll need to find someone willing to sell the legendary they want.

There is a small window for exploitation which involves someone running multiple accounts then when a festival comes with a monster they want being featured they spend 300 gems on another account and if they get that monster they purchase it on their main account for 250 gems. This can mean they get the “one of the two” they want from newly released monsters or similar but at the huge cost of needing to run another account. Ultimately I don’t see this as a problem because the effort to be earning all those gems on another account is too much for the benefit it gives their main account.

P.S. I don’t think this should be implemented, but this is how I’d do it. If you think the costs of trading I propose are too high then think again because you’re probably looking for an easy way to get the legendaries you want. Trading could easily ruin the balance of the game.


A lot of other games with item drops have trading and it’s not a problem when done right.

simple. trade legendary for a legendary. only once per year and only after hero rank 150. its hard to find an exploit in there. unless you trade some crap legendary like cryo or the other ones but they are also getting buffs… the only exploit i see is someone running multiple accounts but as you said thats a lot of work to just get one legendary even if its deluga in exhange for nrbrl. the trading is limited to once per account per year that is one person or account can only trade one time only. also if the above mentioned exploit is to be considered, someone will probably have already paid for that deluga and it will be difficult to find someone willing to part with their legends.

also regarding bonuses, you can either get the potions back. so trading also gives you potions. lastly the only people i can see getting advantage from it ard those with multiple accounts. anyone willing to farm accounts will have to go a looong way.

a timer to when the next game drops

I agree it’s hard to exploit if you can only receive one legendary via trade each year but is this really what people want? Once per year is barely anything at all, people will say it’s pointless. But thanks for reminding me about time restrictions… I knew there was something I forgot to write in what I wrote! I will add it as an extra condition that it’s only 1 “buy” and 1 “gift” per month.

eww. trade legendary. should just have a legendary raffle :wink:

once every few months, free legend giveaway, pay (10?) gems to enter pool. x people get raffle monster based on size of raffle pool.
i.e. raffle pool at 300 gems means 1 person gets legend etc. ( odds 1 in 30 )
can only win legend from the raffle once every so often otherwise you get a legend potion :slight_smile:

raffle has time limit of y days. if after y days, raffle min gem count isnt obtained your gems go towards the next raffle.

Legend has to be claimed within (2 days) of winning or a new name is drawn and so forth.

If raffle does not reach min 3 consecutive times, raflle is put on hold for so many 30 days and players with gems in the pool get them back.

Could even have SE raffle etc.

Normal eggs are a raffle lol. Your odds are turrrrble.

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This would help people with multiple accounts and some others. Mainly trading can’t be made mainstream without exploits. But this is a basic idea to implent and then can be changed based on feedback. For example in my other account I have Sweetfeather which is useless because of lack of sleep but in my main account it could be amazing. So I would trade it with any legendary or my Last Biter. This way both accounts win.