Shiny searguard in shop


Give it Chrono killer instead of AoE and we have the 10 cost mythic monster right there

LMAO does not seem much better than the original, but I appreciate the effort to put something new in the shop.

Thank you.

It’s clearly added because poison endgames are so frequent and they’re trying to shift the meta

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With a 10 tickets (6 stars) super epic, I doubt they will.

Not alone, no. But perhaps more will come.

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He is so ugly like a bad version from 1990s :nauseated_face:

I will take anything who will clean the patch for my stealth boys

  • Its a shadow one
    ++ Its stun immune
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Adding new monsters is good. Recently, I think it’s a good attempt to increase the lineup of shops. I’m also looking forward to more Mythic and Legendary in the shop.

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Me too bro I have almost 400 tickets sitting there.

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I was thinking the same :partying_face:

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It’s worth noting that toxic killer is 80% as strong as chrono killer. Hence, he can one-shot weaker legendaries but will struggle against anything like Deathgazer or tankier. The main poison targets are squishy but it may be a problem. Also, poison is usually at the back of a team so that’s where you’ll be using this and at that point in a battle you don’t need stun immunity as much.

I reckon it’s slightly worse than the normal Searguard, but still good.

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That’s what I honestly thought.

I agree too.

I think killer moves should be high damage in general tbh. It’s literally their only purpose.

As Rctuga said, decent in shadow stealth

Uhm there is already stronger versions of killer moves, imo is just fine like this.

Faster but weaker vs Slower but stronger (and piercing too).

Yeah but I still think a damage increase is needed. Like shadowyrm’s protect killer doesn’t even kill a stag. It makes the whole monster useless.

Happy for piercing or double killer moves to exist in stronger monsters but I still believe damage on killer moves should be higher because they’re so one dimensional

Are you sure that shadowyrm full attack don’t kill santistag? Looks weird to me.
I see Cyclozar killing everything with his killer moves.

Yeah I’ve suffered enough to know it’s unreliable

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So you want a killer move to be one shot if shield and HG is not there, no matter what?

I’m not saying that, just that damage should be higher. I don’t really know why Chrono killer is stronger than toxic killer tbh.

But if Sear’s toxic killer isn’t reliably killing pretty much it’s only targets, it seems pretty worthless. Just my 2 cents.