Ultimate Challenge Gatekeeper


The level 200 gate keeper is driving me nuts and creating butterflies in my head. :joy::joy:. Anyone has suggestion on how to beat them? Tried with this and failed badly.


Using poison is the last thing you should do. That soulstealer in th bench beats the whole team alone


Thanks for the tip! Just managed to clear it although my stun duplicates ended up helping the most :joy:


Do you even UC bro?

But seriously UC is pretty formulaic and comes down to 5 winning strategies:

  1. Sleeper, polareon, shiva, se stun protector.
  2. Sleeper, KB, gear/emerald/BB, se stun protector

Both of the above require KB and stunning into sleep lock.

  1. Auro, DR clones
  2. DR clones, with stun clones.

Dont have auro so dont know what it takes.

  1. Revive buffed enemy- never works for me but if you can revive an enemy sweeper with atras, horror, tort, or crim you can supposedly sweep with the revived copy. Iโ€™ve only ever revived garbage so Iโ€™ve never made this work.


Nice summary! There are a few random extras, especially with new monsters but thatโ€™s the general outline.

A general tip for the first 0-300 is to only go with strategies that focus on high damage moves. I.e. Sleep, sneak attack, megabomb, blood moves rather than moves like poison eater, confident strike, faststrike. @lshinxl You can see your team has all of the latter, which wonโ€™t help you much.


I beat it with this team:

Doom, Blazebones & 4 star stunners helped. Hard to explain how I did it. Strange team but it worked.