Season1 - Week 4 : The Giant's Grove ENDED

[font=‘lucida grande’]20 Eggs given to everybody who finishes!
S Rank MossGolem TOP 10%
Lvl Booster x3 [/font]

[font=‘lucida grande’]Starting 12/14/13 - 5 PM Eastern Time, 10 PM GMT. [/font]

[[font=‘lucida grande’]To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).[/font]

[font=‘lucida grande’]Here is how: [/font]:”

Please Visit the Fair Practice Mission Policy for more details about how the prize is distributed.


Can someone post an accurate live countdown …

Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Wait so is this a fusion ark? How many mosslings are needed to fuse this? If it’s not fusion, then what do the mission eggs give u?

If there are 20 eggs given out, it’s quite likely going to be a fusion. But we aren’t sure how many will be required. I would guess around 5 as usual, but it may be lower.

Ok thanks Ashley! I was wondering why they weren’t telling us how many were needed. So if I buy a gold mission egg, there will be mosslings inside?

Yea baby form

If this was a fusion then it would probably be in the news so I doubt it tough…

Yeah but the problem is they are going to give out 19 mission eggs, which means it’s likely it’s a fusion, but they didn’t say anything about a fusion, nor about mosslings, so I’m a bit confused here

Well if we have patient we’re gonna find out.

Something tells me this guy is going to be involved :slight_smile:


So how good is this guy? Anyone know his move set?

I like him quite a bit.

Its a surprise obviously . And its 20 eggs

He actaully looks nice :slight_smile:

Awwwww he’s so cuteeeee

Titanwyrm… Titanwyrm…

Ally Fist
Call Earth
Fang break
Last Will
Risky Heal
Type: plant

Base stats as described in the pedia:
health - 79
attk - 43
magic - 33
speed - 16
defense - 72
resist - 66

is it out yet?


18 hours, 38 minutes -ish to go

Read before posting .

i get confused with the times because american time is like 1 day before Australia and a few hours ahead