Next event ?

Hey guys , season1 mission week4 … any ideas on what it might be ?? …

I don’t think it’ll ge a Egg only ark :slight_smile: … What about you people ?

It isn’t an egg-only Ark :slight_smile:

… it’s also a pretty good one.

So glad to know I have no chance, since I accidentally got Subzeratops too fast. >_>

So is it something we can catch or a new release?

Thanks for the exciting spoiler :slight_smile:

Haha that sucks! You never know tho :slight_smile:

All of the OM are something we can’t catch in wild as of for now … , new releases we should be seeing on the upcoming update … :slight_smile:

If anyone here knows what it is, don’t write it here. Let’s keep this a surprise :wink:

I’m curious lol , is it something you have ? You should spoil it for me at least haha in PVP :wink:

Well, yes, I have it.

Ofcourse u have it ur a beta

Any chance on telling us how many stars it is

Titanwyrm? I want it so bad… (It’s the red dragon in my signature)

Naa it’s mossgolem… Also no grade booster
Wonder if miss golem is like barricadus since they both have fangbreak

From what Ashley said it is NOT an egg-only. Therefore it can not be Mossgolem or Titanwyrm…

Its been announced on the facebook page as Mossgolem. And Bstanley what she meant by that was that its not an Ark currently obtainable through eggs, which i do not believe Mossgolem is.

Mossgolem is a beast if paired with other earth monsters. By himself he isn’t so great.

Mossgolem hates me. Like…really hates me.

Same with Guardiron.

…decent monster. Was hoping for Lavagant tho…