first time online mission question..

Trying the online mission for the first time…
How do the mission eggs/mission monster prizes work?

If I race to the end and win or miss the Mission monster, can I go back for the eggs? Or is the mission officially over after I finish?

There are no eggs rewarded in the current mission and I believe it already ended so u dont even get the Subzeratops but no fear ! Tonight in about a hour and a half there will be a new one including Mossgolem. I believe its a fusion but be online at that moment and rush to the top to get the arkadion

And the answer to your question is: the eggs that are given as soon as you enter a floor can’t be avoided, you’ll get those as you go.

Some things, such as level boosters, may be given from bonus boss fights along the way. Provided they’re not blocking your way, you’ll be able to avoid them and come back after you finished the mission to get them.

Thank you both…

Exactly what I wanted to know